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Out of Event #52

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jul 02, '07

Out late in the sixth hour of the 1000 dollar rebuy event. I was in for 7000, which is a career high for me in that event. Previously, I've been in for 4000, 6000, and 4000. 4000 is of course the absolute minimum that I'd ever spend in the event. I had a doctor's appointment this morning and he was an hour late to see me. He came in to the office and touched my back and asked me if it hurt. I said no and he said "Ok, you don't need to wear your back brace anymore." Five minutes later we were out the door. We came home to sleep for 45 minutes before the event and ended up oversleeping until 12:05. I arrived 30 minutes after the event started at 12:30. I found a table full of complete nits that I'd never seen before. I decided to get the game out of the muck and play recklessly. I didn't mind how much I spent. I wanted to create a maniacal image and then I'd tighten up and bet only for value when the rebuy period ended. With about 30 minutes left in the rebuy period a good young player named Jesse "MazeOrBowie" Martin got moved two to my left. With five minutes left in the rebuy period I desperately moved in for 2200 from the cutoff at 50/100 after having looked at only the Kc. Jesse called with two eights. I found the Td with it, and the board came x x x x K. I double added on and was at 7600 after having paid for 14000 in chips. Early in level six the table started to get tough as Theo Tran got moved to my immediate right. There were two limpers at 150/300 (25) and Theo raised it to 1600 from MP. Theo had played just two hands at the table and was visibly steaming after doubling Negreanu up at his last table before they broke. I found AcKs and raised to 4600. Everyone folded back to Theo and after some thought he moved in for 5100 total. I knew he had AQ and was really hoping he'd jump in. To my delight he called and showed me AsQh. The board came a frightening spade-spade-spade-spade x though to give him the 8000 chip pot. If I win that pot I'm back to average. Moments later I got moved one table over to balance. This table was even worse with Joe Awada to my left, Carl Olson across the table and David Williams to my right. I was happy to see a very bad French player named Paul Testud two to my left though, because he is really a bleeder. A couple of hands in I moved in for my last 2300 from the SB with AKo and Joe Awada beat me in with A7o flop K, so I doubled. 15 hands later David Williams opened in EP for 800 and I found AKo again and jammed it for 4300. The kid in the BB moved AI over the top and David folded 44 faceup. The kid showed QQ, and I never caught up. I got paid for yesterday's event and then did a quick ESPN interview which I'll elaborate on later. I decided against playing cash at Bellagio because I have a very bad cold. I've averaged 28.3 sneezes per day over the last 3 days...kidding, but that number isn't far off. I'm gonna watch a couple of episodes of Prison Break season 1 which I just bought on DVD. Afterwards, Stephanie and I may hot tub. Tomorrow is the last preliminary event that I'll be playing in the WSOP. It will be a 1500 dollar LHE shootout. This'll be the most boring event of the series by far, but it's very good value especially considering no one knows how to play limit.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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