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Limped into Day 2 of Event #40

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jun 24, '07

Bleh. I limped into day 2 of the 1500 dollar Mixed Hold 'em event with 5900 in chips. 620 players started. 120 remain, and 63 will get paid. The average is in the neighborhood of 18000. My first table looked very yummy as I recognized only Arnold Spee. Only one or two of the 8 players seemed to have much of an idea how to play NLHE or LHE. I quickly built my 3000 stack up to 8000 at the first break. My table broke and I got moved to a table with three LAGgy Europeans including Aleksander Strandli. Aleks is a really great player and played both games well all day. He was to my immediate left, so I was not happy at all. Finally, he got moved to a new table to balance with 45 minutes left in the night. The majority of the early chips came from some solid limit play. Over the next 2 hours I lost two large limit pots and was down to 6100 at the second (dinner) break. This was right around average. Stephanie and I ate dinner at the sports kitchen. I came back and hung around 8000 for a little while. I dwindled down to 3600 but then doubled up with QQ vs 88 in NLHE. I then made a charge in LHE and was at 14300 at the third break. I the fourth limit round I went on a super heater and ran my stack up to around 25000. Then, a devastating pot came up against Scott Bohlman (sp?). I had been very active in LHE and found AhAc finally in the hijack. I raised to 1200. I was really hoping to get action. To my delight, Scott defended in the BB. The flop came Kd Jd Tx. Scott checked. I bet 600 and he called. The turn was a K. I didn't mind it too much. It improves me to Aces up, and I didn't feel like Scott had a King. I bet and now he raised to 2400. Of course I called. The river was the 7d and now I can't beat much. Scott bet 1200, and I made a crying call for 7.25 to 1. I can beat Q8hh. He showed me K5o for a questionable defend pre. I was now down to around 16000. We switched over to NLHE and 6 hands later I was in the BB. It was unopened to the SB at 2/400. He open shoved 6800 into me. I found the As first and then the Qc. I quickly called and he looked sick and showed me QhJd. The board came Th 3h 2x 8x 9x to give him the nuts and the 13600 chip pot. These are two types of hadns that never really bother me. I can only play my best poker. I was down to 9000ish at this point and dwindled down to 5900 to end the night. The LHE plays MUCH bigger than NLHE in this tournament. Unfortunately we are playing 8/1600 limit for 30 minutes to begin the day tomorrow at 3 p.m. That leaves me exactly 3.7 big bets :( Hopefully I can amass some chips and attack in NLHE. I'm very pleased with my play today and look forward to getting back into action in search of my third 2007 WSOP cash tomorrow. I have an interview with Jon Friedberg at noon for his Cardplayer TV show at Bellagio, so that should be fun.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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