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Out of Event #37, Bellagio 5180

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jun 22, '07

Out of two tournaments today. The first was event #37, a 2000 dollar PLHE event. I drew a starting table with Robert Cheung and Humberto Brenes. I was sick when Humberto sat down because I don't mind saying that I hate the guy. Seeing him slowroll people on TV and all of his other ridiculous antics makes me sick to my stomach. Luckily, there were no cameras today and Humberto was relatively quiet. Someone on twoplustwo posted that they would put up a bounty on Humberto's shark card protector, but unfortunately he never brought it out. I was even money to try to steal it. Anyway, with 4000 starting chips I was ready for another crapshoot. Still at the starting stack I raised 85hh in the hijack to 125. A guy in the cutoff called. He had called me twice already in position, and, without sounding arrogant I'm pretty sure he was one of those "I'm not gonna let Shannon Shorr push me around," type players. Both blinds called and we saw 5s 4s 4c. Blinds checked and I bet 300. The cutoff called. The turn was an ambiguous 8d to make me eights up. I decided to check, The guy insta-said "bet the pot." The guy had 1900 chips behind, and I covered by 800. I thought for two long minutes and folded my hand faceup. I knew if I folded faceup the guy would show me a bluff if it was a bluff, and I wanted to see if I was right or not. I can only beat 66, 77, or a flush draw on the flop, and if he has a flushdraw I'm only a 2:1 favorite. He insta-tabled J8ss for a turned pair of eights with a flush draw. Unbelievably, now the player says to the guy next to him, "If he would have bet the turn like he was supposed to he would have won the pot." Obviously he shoves if I bet the turn, and I still fold, so I'm not sure where he gets this reasoning. I would almost never reply to something like this at the table, but this time I said, "You'll have to excuse me. It's my first tournament." The guy insta-apologized now. I told him he was out of line to say something after dragging the pot against me and he agreed. Fair enough. I got moved to a new table with my friend Devon Porter. At 50/100 I raised AJo in EP and Devon called in the cutoff. The flop was As 9d 5d. I bet out 450 into 750 and he called. The turn was a Qs. I checked and Devon bet 1000. I thought for a bit and then went with it for 3150. Devon's range is pretty small here. I knew he had me drawing dead with AQ or he had AT or KQdd. This is what's so stupid about shallow tournaments. You get one street to evaluate a hand and then its either all-in or fold. DP quickly called with AQ and I was drawing dead.

I headed over to Bellagio to make in just after the start of the 5180 event. It drew 46 players. I was at a incredibly good table, recognizing only Isaac Haxton and then a bunch of old guys that I don't know. I've actually played with two of them and they are total clown call-bots with no idea what fold means. Here is one example: A player limped UTG and I limped 55 two spots behind him. We took a 6 way flop at 50/100. It came Jh 9s 5h. The first limper bet 400 and I raised to 1250. Old guy in the SB overcalls the 1250. The turn was the worst card in the deck, the Kh. Old guy leads into me for 1500 of my last 4000 chips in the 3500 pot, laying me 3.3:1 to call. If he shows me a flush faceup then the board is 3.4:1 to pair, so I call and leave myself 2500. The river is the disgusting Qh. Now any ten or any heart beats me. He checks and I instacheck. He shows me KdJc somehow and I'm good. It was unfortunate that any other card in the deck didn't come off on the turn, because then I get 2500 more chips. I was up to 9000 but back down to 6500 just after the first break at 1/200. A player in MP raised to 600 with 3000 behind. I found AJo in the SB and raised to 1900. He hollywooded for reasons unknown for his last 1700. I called of course and he showed me KK. Board blanked and I was down to 2200. The bustout hand is funny. Another old guy limps in UTG for 200. Folded all the way to me in the BB and I find two red kings. I decide to make sure all the money gets in. I raise 325 more to 525. Guy calls and I know he has a small pair or suited connector. Flop AQJ rainbow with one club. I check and he instabets my last 1500. I call and he shows me 96cc. The board runs off a nice 4c 2c to make him a flush. GG me.

Stephanie and I are going to dinner soon and then probably going to go out. If anyone wants to go out call my cell. Also, I did another short interview with my friend Lizzy Harrison of Cardplayer during one of the breaks at Bellagio today, so that should be on tonight if you wanna watch.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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