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Out of Event #31 in the round of 8

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jun 21, '07

There isn't much to say. Vanessa Selbst absolutely ran over me and knocked me out in 80 minutes. Early on I took a slight lead when I reraised TT from the BB and fired out on a Jxx flop. She folded. Next, she took the lead when she made a nice value bet with Q3 that I paid off with Jx on QJ866. She then took another nice pot off of me when I led out in a limped pot with Kd3s on A96 all diamonds. She raised the flop, and I called. The turn was a K. I checked and she checked. The river was an offsuit blank. I checked and she quickly bet 50000. I pondered and paid off again, and she showed me 96 for a flopped two pair. Then, she made an incredible checkraise river value bet against me. I limped J5 and she checked. The flop was QJ8. She checked and I checked. Turn 3c, two clubs now. She led out 9000 and I called. River 3d. She checked and I made a thin value bet of 15000. Now, she raised me to 65000. I was so sick. I took probably five minutes with this decision and called. She showed me Q9. I was down to 285000 and raised A5hh to 22000. She raised to 65000ish and I decided to go with it for 285000. She snapped me off with AQo and I my tournament life was now at stake. The flop was a nice 9h 7h 3d. The turn was the Kh and I doubled up. Vanessa is a very nice girl, and I enjoyed meeting her, but I was rather surprised to see her throw a bit of a tantrum and walk around the table for a full minute before returning for the next hand while I sat there motionless. I felt a little disrespected, but you see a lot of that kind of behavior when the cameras are rolling. ESPN did have a two TV tables with hole cameras set up, and we were selected to play on one of them. The tables were complete with hole cams, but there will likely only be one or two hands shown on the episode that the Stud tournament is aired. This wasn't enough TV time to draw interest from the online sites for a logo bonus. I doubled up but then lost a pot where I reraised J4dd and then we check-checked the K76K board. I bet 100000 on the A river and she called with A7hh. She did a great job of playing position all tournament. On the final hand, I limped A2ss and she raised to 26000ish. I moved it in for 180000 and she snapped me off with AcTs. The board came an ugly KQ3T6 and that was that. I hope she wins the tournament. She deserves it. Without sounding like I'm making excuses, I think I flopped one pair 3 times, and never made two pair or better except when I flushed AI with A5hh. I did pick up AJ high once preflop, so that was exciting. I'm not too bummed. I felt like I played well all tournament, and it's nice to make something happen. I enjoy these heads-up tournaments. My career tournament hu record is now 10-3 with losses to Isaac Moyales de Vega (Barcelona May 2006), Steve Jacobs (Mirage May 2007) and now Selbst. I earned 46060 dollars. This cash makes me 2 for 13 on the 2007 WSOP. I've cashed for 54000 dollars, and I've invested 39000 in buy-ins. I've also busted from 9400 dollars worth of tournaments at Bellagio since the WSOP started and I've lost 7000 dollars playing live cash games. That makes me incredibly even at -1500 or something silly in poker since the start of the WSOP.

I forgot to mention that I got a walking cast (boot)yesterday, so I'm no longer on crutches. Tonight, Stephanie and I might go see Lucky You, a movie that I haven't gotten to see yet. There's a 2000 dollar PLHE event tomorrow.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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