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Out of Event #25, Bellagio 1500

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jun 15, '07

Blah. Out of the 2000 at the WSOP late in the fourth hour. I drew a starting table with Bryan Devonshire two to my left and Blake Bluffington across the table. I didn't do much at this table and it broke 45 minutes into the day. I was at 3300 of the 4000 stack when I got moved to a disaster table with Alex Jacob, Isaac Haxton and Steve Sung. I dwindled down to 2500ish and found KcKh UTG and raised to 300. An unknown in MP called and the others folded. The flop came T64 all clubs. I bet 400 and he called. The turn was the 5s. I bet him all-in for 1500ish and he quickly called with A6hh, lol. No river four outer though and I was up to 4800 at the break. Then, a very interesting hand came up against Alex. AJ raised to 525 UTG and I called in MP with 9c9s. The BB defended and we saw 754 rainbow. The BB and Alex checked to me and I bet 850 into 1675. The BB folded and then AJ fairly quickly moved in for 2300 more. If I called and lost I would have 1000 left. I thought for about two minutes and then finally laid the hand down. He showed me the 8d. I will have to ask him later what the other one was :) I reasoned that even if I called and was ahead he would show me a hand like 87s, 66, or 88, hands that I'm not that far ahead of. If I called and was wrong I would be in a world of hurt with two outs and two pulls of the deck, and my hand is rarely ahead here. Hopefully he tells me he had 86dd. I dwindled down to 2975 at 1/200 (25). It was folded to Steve Sung on the button and he limped in for 200. The interesting factor here was that the BB only had around 1100 chips total. Steve doesn't miss a trick at the table, so I knew he was aware how short the guy was. I found AJo in the SB and raised to 975. I don't think I can ever just complete here. The BB ponder folded and then Steve moved me in for my last 2000. I was sick. I pondered and finally called my last 2000 in a pot of 2400ish for 2.2:1. Maybe I should fold, but if Steve shows me ATs or a small pair then it's a very bad muck. He showed me AQ though and I was drawing dead on the turn of QxxQ.

I headed over to Bellagio and arrived just in time for the start of the 1500 dollar event with 3000 chips at blinds 1/200. I turned a set on the first hand...a limped, checked around flop hand with 55 on a board of QT25 with two flush draws. I bet 300 from MP and the button minraised me to 600. I raised to 1500 and he instafolded. I picked up QQ on the second hand, raised and all folded. I was quickly up to 4000 but then somehow found myself at just 1150 chips at 1/200 (25). A player in MP raised and I found 22 in the SB and called to stop -n- go my last 450. The BB raised though and isolated me with AA. No two and I'm busto. I may or may not discontinue blogging for a while. I really just want to play poker and not get caught up in all the stuff that goes along with it. Maybe I'll play better that way.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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