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My Personal Worst Losing Session at Poker

by Eoghan O'Dea |  Published: Mar 07, '12


I got a text from somebody few months back who was in a big cash game and he texted me saying “I got my PB”. I didn’t know what it meant until later I found out.

He meant he got his personal best win of his life. Well last Saturday I got my PW (personal worst) loss of my life.

I had lost a bit earlier during in the day and then that night started two tabling 25-50 pot-limit Omaha heads up matches.

I was really hemming and hawing about whether I really wanted to start these at 1 a.m.. I had got my last tennis match of the season the next day and was thinking it would be nice to get some sleep for a change (the reason why I wasn’t out on a Saturday night in the first place!!!) but obviously i couldn’t resist and regretfully had to throw the towel in at about 4 a.m. being a pretty big loser.

In heads up pot-limit Omaha it’s quite easy to do 10-20 buy ins (two tabling) in a session where both players are playing very aggressively.

I felt bit depressed all right. I mean when you win a lot its ok but when you lose its not. It shouldn’t happen to you. What did i do to deserve that? I had to be up for 10.30 and wasn’t falling asleep anytime soon.

I arrived on time for the match – a first for me and Rees. The match was at 11 and at 11.15 two out of our six guys on the team hadn’t shown yet so i rang them and first one was in the wrong club (the match was at home) and second was in bed still!

So they finally arrived down just after 11.30. The other club was thinking of taking a walkover on the other two doubles matches (30 min rule) It wouldn’t of been that big a deal. It didn’t look like we were going to get any points off them anyways.

In the end me and Rees played really well and we got some luck that i had missed out on the previous night and beat two top Irish players(one of them is on the Davis cup team). We lost 2-1 for the tie but it guaranteed we stayed up for another year in Division 1. So Sunday didn’t feel too depressing in the end. Thanks God.

Even though i had an awful week last week (and I didn’t mention I did a chunk on the tennis too!) I haven’t really gotten bored at all in the last six months at any stage.

In the past I found I got pretty bored from time to time especially after a bad spell but I’m still looking forward to getting back online this week. I took the last three days off though apart from playing my 25-50 cent cash game last night where I can ran pretty hot and won 90 dollars in two hours. Upswing??

Off to Madrid then on Sunday to play an EPT, which will be a good change up to play a little live and be a little social.

Eoghan O’Dea was a member of the 2011 November Nine. He came sixth in the main event winning $1.7 milllion. He plays poker online and writes at

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