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Aussie Millions Bust Out And Hi/Lo Poker Mix Up

by Eoghan O'Dea |  Published: Feb 09, '12


In my last blog I was just about to play the main event at the _Aussie Millions _in Melbourne. It didn’t go too well. I busted in level four, all in with a K-Q offsuit.

My table was good and exciting. Firstly two seated seven’s were wrestling over who was in the actual seat seven. We got a winner when the floor man came over and the loser started his tournament with a one round penalty (I thought it was a bit unfair actually).

Anyway, onto the hand where I busted!

I’d been pretty quiet at the table and there was a raise and call in front of me. I think I was in the cut off and three-bet to 2,200 (I had 26k-ish and starting was 30k). A young American from the blinds four-bet to around 5,600.

He was extremely active at the table and had more or less doubled his starting stack in the early levels only to see himself back to nearly at starting stack again at the start of this fourth level.

The older American pro on my right told me he’d bust by level three or double up. I kind of felt pretty comfortable he wasn’t that strong and I moved in eventually after 25 seconds. He immediately says something like, “ “God knew this was going to happen etc… etc…”

He eventually finds the call with A-Q and has me crushed and holds. Kind of felt pretty I’ll for a little bit goin’ out with K-Q pretty early in the 10k main event but I didn’t think I did much wrong.

I didn’t think he was strong and went with the hand. I also thought he’d fold a huge amount of hands here. I’d been playing pretty tight. But did i miss something??

I never really thought about how he was feeling emotionally. You could tell he was on high tilt if you looked at him. I didn’t really factor that in very much until my chips were all the middle and I was looking over at him thinking how light is he going to call me? ughhhh maybe pretty light !!!

Still though I think I might play the same way if the exact situation happened again if I don’t feel he has a very big hand.

Hi/Lo Hoo-Haa
Hi/lo pot-limit Omaha isn’t a game I play a huge amount of but I kind of like it. I hopped onto two tables of what I thought was PLO on a site I hadn’t played in years. After 15 minutes I found out it was actually hi/lo when having to chop a pot up with another opponent who had a low and I had the high.

I had played a pretty marginal PLO hand but it was a horrendous hi/lo hand and I got my stack happily to the centre when I should have been folding at all points in the hand. I made a worse decision after the hand though.

I wrote in chat “lol were playing hi/lo. I thought it was plo". I noticed that few of the players topped up there stacks to the maximum amount possible. They must of been thinking Christmas is back already!!

My plo game is pretty tight but my Hi/lo game is disgustingly tighter so they deffo weren’t getting any good action off me. Imagine I hadn’t said anything in chat? I would have got some action for the next hour. I dropped that table eventually and stayed on the other one where there was one player playing pretty bad.

He wasn’t in my other game when he suddenly pops up on chat after 40 mins since I’d been at the table and says “WTF THIS HI/LO”.

I was laughing pretty hard and told him I had just said the same thing 30 minutes before that on the other table. Not sure how much he was in good humour as I think he might have lost a few grand.

I walked away being a 500 loser which was OK considering everything. There hasn’t been any hi/lo since that night (what a surprise!) but i think this site and maybe a few others need to make a bigger effort at distinguishing hi/lo tables when you’re mixing them with the Omaha high tables. I have seen this situation happen quite a lot over the years.

Ruling – Sit out
I wanted to write about an interesting ruling that happened in the Melbourne but I think I’ve written enough for one blog so I’ll bring it up next time.

Back to Ireland on Saturday night. I’ve had an enjoyable trip. It’s always great to get away from Ireland for a while during the winter and I’ve come home a small winner from the trip due to running OK in the cash games.

I lost something small on the tennis. Went heavy on Murray in the semi’s after feeling Djokovic wasnt fully 100%. Murray has definitely cost me money overall but I wont give up on him yet!

Eoghan O’Dea was a member of the 2011 November Nine. He came sixth in the main event winning $1.7 milllion. He plays poker online and writes at

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