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The AP 50k – “bigdogpckt5s Invitational”

by Casey Jarzabek |  Published: Mar 31, '11


Hey guys! I just finished up playing the second ever "bigdogpckt5s invitational". I made a much better effort at winning my own tourney this week as I finished in 5th place. I really thought I was going to stone-cold bubble the tourney because I was really short being 19 of 19 in chips and 18 people made the money. There ended up being an absurdly big pot on the bubble where "liqvandurr", the chip leader at the time, ended up 5-bet shoving all-in against "miguelprado". For those of you who don't know, "miguelprado" is Steve Gross. This guy, in my honest opinion, is THE BEST nl mtt player in the world! So on the bubble, with 19 left, "liqvandurr" 5-bet shoved Steve who was 3rd in the chips at the time with j7. Steve made the call with ak. The board flopped with blanks but an 8 on the river gave "liqvandurr" a straight to bubble "miguelprado".


So I had made the money, now I had to set my sights on picking up some much needed chips so that I could make a run at winning this thing. I started getting really aggressive, and was putting in my chips while I still have a fair amount of fold equity. I never got called on my first 4 or 5 shoves which was great because when I finally did double, it was for a 35-bb pot. I actually entered into the final table 2nd in chips! I had 80k in chips and the bb was 2000. Unfortunately for me, immediately on my left was the chips leader. He had almost 300k in chips, so that was quite a chip lead. Not only that, but he is a well known mtt reg "usctrojans" (Scott Freeman). Hes pretty much a legend in the mtt world and I was extremely unhappy with my seat draw at the final table.


I managed to pick off a couple of the shorties and actually had a pretty good stack going at 160k in chips. Unfortunately, with 5 people left I got into a huge flip situation for a massive pot. I had QQ and my opponent had AK. The flop was dry but the ace of spades on the turn gave "rplrpl" the win and most of my chips. I was suddenly sitting 5th in chips. I picked up ace 6 in the bb with about 18 big blinds left when "checknorriz" opened the button. I 3-bet shoved and he snap-called with 99. I missed my 3 outer, and the bounty, and my tourney life went to "checknorriz". He actually played really well the whole time and put my bounty to good use taking down the tourney beating "usctrojans" heads up.


Congrats to "checknorriz" for winning the bounty and ultimately the win in the tourney.

We will see you all next week.



Casey “bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek is widely considered to be one of the best online players in the world. The Canadian pro got his start after an accident on the baseball field left him laid up in bed. With nothing else to do, Jarzabek deposited some money online and hasn’t looked back.

In the years since, Jarzabek has racked up over $2.5 million in tournament earnings and spent both 2009 and 2010 as a contender for Card Player Online Player of the Year honors. Jarzabek is also the lead pro at, which features poker training from some of the best minds in the game.

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over 10 years ago

Ya where's his bio at the bottom of the page like all of the other bloggers have?


over 10 years ago

Casey is a more legit player than half these guys they let blog on here. Hes probably got at least 2 mill in tourney scores.


over 10 years ago

Never said Casy wasn't legit. Just meant maybe the post itself. There were a bunch of fake posts a while back using Doyle's name. Was wondering if they had struck again.

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