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Number 11 is sweet!

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Jun 14, '07


So Monday won at 8:00 pm, and went to the Poker Royalty suite, where we had 11 bottles of Dom P. I was walking on cloud nine for three straight days. However, immediately after winning, I was plotting bracelet number 12-the next day was a shoot out, and if I beat my table I would have reached 60 cashes--can I just stop and smell the roses? After the WSOP ends this year, then I'll look back at my accomplishments for the 2007 WSOP and rank them. I am on cloud nine, but my mind is right back to business. My wife and I were laughing at how we weren't going crazy. We decided that I hadn't won the lottery, I had just done what I do-win poker tournaments. It isn't a one time thing, or even one time for this six weeks (I hope). It is important for me to keep my focus (I will), and play my best everyday (I'll try).

We then headed out as a group to "Jet," where Floyd Mayweather introduce himself to me. We took two booths on the dance floor, and he was right next to us. I spent $5,000 right away on seven bottles, 5 Doms, and two vodkas. I paid cash, because I didn't want to see a $15,000 credit card bill later that night. I would spend the first $5,000, drink about 6 drinks for the night, and leave by 3:00 am. After all, I had a shoot out to win on Tuesday (at noon). My group was Morgan and Adrian Machina (Morgan finished fourth, and is an old friend), Trichelle (from the "Real World"), Joe (Annie Dukes boyfriend), Katy, Clonie, my agent Brian (and a few of his guys), and me (my wife went to bed before midnight). When I left, I let Jeff wear the bracelet for the night, and he was thrilled!

I went to bed at 4:00 am, and was up at 8:00 am, sigh. I was already exhausted before I went to bed, and the day was setting up to be a bit painful. My wife and had a nice breakfast, and some good talking time together. Then the media requests started pouring in. I played the tournament at noon, and finished fourth at my table (the winner advanced). I spent the rest of the day doing media, until I went over to Gavin Smith's place with Morgan. I wanted to show those two guys how much I liked them, so I went over to grill out with them. I really should have gotten some sleep, as I was in awful shape, and I had a party being thrown for me by "Iamplify" at Tao at 8:30 pm. In any case, I hung out with Gavin, Morgan, and his crew while I did ESPN News, a Card Player video segment, booked Gus while he was playing online poker (he beat me for $7,400), and then finally took Gavin's car over to the party. That car can haul ass!!

The party was great, Krazy Kanuck, Monica, Jack McClellan, Ken Eineger, Imaplify CEO Murray and his brothers, Jeff and Brandon, Brian and his wife, and Iamplify vice president Kipp were just a few to attend the party at Tao. Then most of us went to "Pure," and took the VIP dance floor booth. Morgan, Gavin and his girl, and a few of the Bluff Magazine guys came as well. I was having a good time dancing and chatting with many beautiful women (Even though I have never cheated on my wife, I am "Allowed" to chat and dance!), and the club gave a shout out to me, "Eleven time bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth is in the house." A lot of cheering followed, which is a good thing. Eventually Shawn "The Sheik" Sheikan showed up, and I joined him in his VIP booth on the white beds up top. Antonio loves the booth's by the dance floor, but I do prefer the booths up top (I realized). I heard that I was a "Top ten highlight" on Sports Center, and I left the club at 2:50 am to catch Sports Center in my room. I was highlight number nine, but what the heck, at least I made it!

I went to bed at 6:00 am, and was up at 1:45, just in time to introduce Doyle to Kipp at Iamplify. I think that Doyle may invest, and I gave Iamplify $250,000 of my money awhile back. If he doesn't invest, then he will still probably do a course for Iamplify. I also introduced Chan to Kipp. Hopefully he'll invest and/or do a course for Iamplify. Feeling exhausted, I hopped a plane to Nor Cal for my sons 8th grade graduation Thursday.

On Weds. Night at midnight I booked Gus online again, and this time I lost $400. Then I played online Chinese poker with Tim Phan (who plays perfectly), John Juanda (another genius), Eli Elezra (another genius), and Mike Matusow. We played $500 a point, and we played until 4:45 am (another bad decision when I had to get up at 11:45 and pick up my sons from school). At least I won some $$$$. JJ beat me for $12,500, I beat Tim for $8,500, Eli lost $3,000 to me. So "Cash wise" I broke about even (lost $1,000), but Matusow owes me another $13,500.

Thursday, after picking my boys up from school, I did two commercials, 6 media interviews (including Matusow's show), and attended Nick's graduation. Then I took the late flight back to Vegas. By the way, the WSOP also sent me some co-branded clothing JPEG's, with the PH logo, and the WSOP logo. They offered me the same merchandise deal as Celine Dion and Elton John, and I absolutely loved the shirt designs that they came up with. I did another interview from the plane, landed at midnight, did two more interviews in my suite, and finally worked out late, late at night. Now I get 7 hours sleep, shoot a rap video at 11:00 am Friday, then play the $2,000 buy-in no limit at noon (or 1:00 pm!). I am supposed to be in USA Today on Friday, so we'll see. Hopefully I will make it until 2:00 am in the tournament, just so I can slow down a bit! After all, playing poker is easier than doing all of these interviews, and taking all of those business calls!!!

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