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@ultimate_bet (big swings!), ESPN, Stanford Football, Eva Parker, Tweets!

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Sep 10, '09

Posted: September 10, 2009 11:24 AM

My tweets are going strong, and now I've added VLOGS to them (my twitter name is: @phil_hellmuth), one of which can be seen at this address:

I have been playing a lot of poker @ultimate_bet the last few weeks, mostly in the 7-2 $25-$50 no limit Hold'em games.  I am overall ahead, but not by that much.  On Friday night I caught a movie with my wife, and then I bought into the 7-2 game and won $1,500.  Then I hopped into the $200-$400 game and I won $51,000!  $52,500 for the night was a monster online win for me, and my biggest of the year.  On Saturday night I lost $10,000 in the 7-2 game, and then $40,000 playing limit Hold'em ($10,000 at $500-$1,000 limit, $16,000 at $300-$600 limit, and $24,000 at $200-$400!), and then I bought into the $200-$400 blind heads up table with $16,000, and I lost that as well!  $66,000 was my biggest online loss in the last two years, and it still smarts!  There were some "Turning points" in there.  My last hand of the $25-$50 7-2 game I raised it up minimum with As-Ks, and three people called.  The flop was Ah-6h-3d, and I bet out $300.  One player called, and the turn was the 4d.  Now I bet out $950 and I was called.  The river was the queen of spades, and I decided to move all in for my last $2,800.  I was called, and my opponent showed me A-Q!  Ouch!  If he hadn't have hit a queen, and called me on the river, then I would have had over $8,000 in front of me, and I may have quit (I was in $10,000).  Instead he hits a queen, and I switch to limit Hold'em where I ran unbelievably badly for hours!

In the $200-$400 heads up game, I had $17,000 in front of me when I limped in with 7-5 off suit.  No raise, and the flop was 6d-4h-3d.  My opponent checked, I bet $600, he made it $1,600, I made it $3,200 with the nuts, he moved all in, and I snap called.  The cards were on their backs, and he showed a respectable hand.  He had the Kd-5d, and I was only about a two-to-one favorite to win the pot.  The turn was the 5h, and the river was the 9d!  Ouch, I mean that pot would have pulled me up a long ways towards getting even, but instead I quit.  I did tell my opponent--in the chat box--that I felt like I had won our heads up match, but he didn't agree; please!  I mean I made him put in 17k drawing

Meanwhile I texted Stanford Football coach Jim Harbaugh (Twitter name: @jimharbaugh) on Sunday to congratulate him on his big "In conference road win," and he texted me back asking me to speak in front of the team this week, and Jim invited me to fly with the team to the Wake Forest game in North Carolina.  I spoke in front of the team about the importance of playing great whether or not you're winning big or losing big, just like I do when I play heads up matches.  The toughest champions are the ones that never, ever give up!  Before I could commit to going to North Carolina on the team plane, I had to make sure that I could make my other previous commitment to Eva and Tony Parker to emcee their charity poker tournament ( Saturday night in San Antonio.  I found, and booked, a private jet that can leave Wake Forest at roughly 3:00 pm EST, and arrive in San Antonio at 4:45 pm, and Eva's event begins at 5:30 pm.  So now I have decided to go for it!  By the way, I leave for a long trip to London, the "English Poker Open" (, the WSOPE (, and the "Aruba Poker Classic" ( on SundayTravel, travel, travel!!

ESPN had the "Phil Hellmuth" shows on Tuesday night, featuring two hours of my Day Two WSOP Main Event play.  The announcers really give it to me hard, but I enjoyed watching the two one hour long shows.  They even had a "Warning" label posted (as a joke) about my antics, sighRight after the warning sign they show four men carrying me while I am dressed up as "Caesar."  I will post the opening of both of the ESPN shows soon as a VLOG on my Twitter account (@phil_hellmuth).  I will also post some video of the Stanford Football team plane, my trip with them, and Eva's charity tournament

I have been chatting with Michael Phelps and his friend JG a lot the last few weeks, and I asked Phelps to trade one of his gold medals for one of my WSOP bracelets!  Phelps ignored that request, so farJG has been kicking some serious ass at the poker tables lately!  It is Wednesday night, and now I'm heading out to have some Mexican food with my wife.  We have a brand new shirt up at, and I'll be wearing it on television a lot!!

Learn more about Phil by going to his website, and visit his Web store at

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