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The rest of the week

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: May 20, '07


I shot for Activision Tuesday at the Palazzo Suites, wow!! An overview of me showing off the suites will be put into the "Unlockable" content of the new WSOP PS3 game. They really are amazing suites, 10,000 square feet of luxury. After shooting that session, we shot the "Battle with the Brat" segment where gamers can play me heads up. After they beat every other character, then they will get to me and Johnny Chan. Right before they play me, they will call me out. Then we play the video where I'm watching television, dressed in a white "Poker Brat Clothing Company" t-shirt, lying on the couch, chilling. Next, I dress in a black shirt, black hat, black sunglasses, and then I walk right at the screen saying, "You want me, you got me!" I go from Phil Hellmuth the nice, to the "Poker Brat," in a cool camera sequence.

Wednesday somehow I was on hold from 2:00 pm until 10:00 pm waiting for the filming to start. It never did! Finally, I had a late workout, and went to "Pure" to shoot a VIP Access scene for the game. It was to feature Antonio, Phil Laak, Gavin Smith, Erick Lindgren, and me partying at a VIP booth at Pure. It was a super cool idea, but they cancelled, and rescheduled for Friday night. Then the owners, who could have had this scene in the PS3 game--which we will roll out one million of initially--scrapped the idea, and cancelled the Friday night shoot on Thursday. I was shocked. I mean, Les Deux in LA (one of the hottest clubs in the world right now) was ready for us, but we had to shoot a Harrah's property nightclub, and then Pure cancelled on us! If I was a celebrity owner of Pure, and heard this story, I would be pissed!!! At least one million people would have scene this video…

Thursday, Mike Matusow and I played two heads up matches to be included as unlockable content for the game. We played for $10,000 a match, and billed it as "The Brat vs. the Mouth." It will make for some very entertaining content for the gamers!! After that I filmed "Tips" for all of the different poker games, along with Chris Ferguson and Mike Matusow. We covered all of the games (nine in total), and we all signed deals with Iamplify to do more tips at their site. My MP4 tips are already up, and you can buy them at or At 1:00 am I filmed another suite at the Rio.

Friday, I ended up with the day off, and I hung out with Allan Mishra and his wife Steph for awhile. Allan already cured tennis elbow, and I keep telling him that I'm going with him when he wins the Nobel Prize in 9 years. Allan has new stuff that helps almost fully heal the heart after a heart attack. It will help millions of people, and make him deca-millions (he deserves every penny!). I went t the airport to pick up my wife and kids late that night.

Saturday, the family and I went to the Excalibur's "Tournament of Kings" for dinner, and it was fun. Saturday night, we went to "Love." I was having trouble getting tickets, so I called Guy (the billionaire owner of Cirque Du Soleil), and asked if he could help. By the way, Guy is a great story. Guy was a street performer in Montreal, and now he's a billionaire! It seems like he followed his heart and passion…In any case, poker-wise Guy made the final six in the WPT Championships, then he won one million in the big game on Monday. Seems like Guy can do it all!! He certainly came through for me, with seven beautiful tickets. "Love" may have been my favorite show of all time. Wow, it was fantastic!! And as my 13 year old son said, "A bunch of those songs were really 'trippy!" "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," "Something in the Way she moves," and a few others were super trippy!! Late at night, the Mishra's, and my wife and I went to the "Petrossian Caviar Bar" at the Bellagio. We ate an ounce of "Osetra" (fine caviar at about $590 an ounce), with Russian pancakes and all of the other traditional accouterments.

At 1:30, I headed to "Tao Beach" along with Shannon Reiter and her crew, where I rented a cabana, bought two bottles (Silver Oak wine for them, and Belvedere Vodka for all of us), danced, and chilled. Shannon is my cousin's wife, and the president of "Phil's House" Publishing House. "Phil's House" will publish all of my future books, including "Poker Brat." At around 3:00 am we moved downstairs to regular "Tao," and hung out in the owners box on the dance floor. By 4:00 am I was back in my bed at Caesars trying to sleep.

I was bummed out to see the Warriors get eliminated this week, but I was happy to see the Spurs win their series. I love the Suns as well, but I've hung out with Tony, Eva, Duncan, Finley, Horry, and a few other players. And my son has a signed Parker uniform, framed, hanging on his bedroom wall at home. (He also has an Andy Roddick Davis Cup uniform, framed, and signed, on his other bedroom wall.) My wife and kids left at 8:00 pm, and I leave on the 10:00 pm flight home.

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