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The last week or two, Q12, Deal me in commercial shoot

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Apr 11, '09

Posted: April 11, 2009 07:15 PM

Some big time athletes and my friend Chad Brown are trying to get me to their charity golf tourney on May 4th in L. A.  But I'll be coming back from the Kentucky Derby and cannot see making it.  The Spurs are in town Monday up here and I wanted to have lunch Monday with Tony and Eva, but I have to shoot commercials in LA.  I'm in a totally cool UB commercial shoot!

We submitted my "Q12" "Quest for 12" documentary to the Cannes Film Festival last month.  It is 15% about me going for my record breaking twelfth World Series of Poker win in 2008, and 85% about the growth of pokerWe think it is the most comprehensive documentary ever done on the poker world, and no doubt people like watching my emotional swings!!  We have behind the scenes stuff from the 2008 WSOP, and the 2008 WSOPE.

We are also rushing (18 days!) to get our "Deal me in" book in printing shape for "Phil's House Publishing Company."  This book tells the AMAZING Stories of how the top 20 players in the world became pros.  No strategy, just inspirational, emotional, and relevant stories of their paths to the top.  Man, getting releases signed for 120 pics, and 20 poker players; and getting everyone's chapter perfect, wow!  Still, almost there...
I also have 56,000 words from my auto-biography "Poker Brat" in the can, and I'm feeling that this will be another New York Times Bestseller for me, like "Play Poker like the Pros" was.  24,000 more words should be easy to write to make it 80,000 words in total.  This book ends in 1990 with the birth of my oldest son.  We will release it in May 2010.

I'm really looking forward to the WPT $25,000 buy-in Championship event at the Bellagio April 18th!  I have been working outrunning and lifting weights--almost every day, and I have been thinking about how I can access all of my powers for that event and the 2009 WSOP.  I don't want to go in at half mast baby!  I want to go into these events full bore, with all of my radar working, and my mind as sharp as it can be.  My Facebook and Twitter (Phil_Hellmuth) numbers are climbing every week, and to be honest, I enjoy Twittering!  You can also catch my "Tweets" at

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