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NCAA Hoops baby Calcutta! Bay 101, Twitter all day long! Mouth in house.

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Mar 20, '09

Posted: March 20, 2009 07:17 AM

Check out my abbreviated, real time BLOGS (Twitters) at I Twittered my chip counts live all day long at the Bay 101 WPT on Day One. With the poker tour in the bay area, I have been out drinking way too often lately.  We went out Friday night, Saturday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night, sigh. 

On Sunday night I sat on the floor of the Warriors/Suns game with Gavin Smith, Chris Conner, and Rick Fuller.  Afterwards we were scheduled to have dinner with Warriors player and all around great guy Ronny Turiaf, but Chris had to get back home as he has a real job, so we cancelled the dinner. 

On Monday I played Day One in the WPT at the Bay 101, and I had a bit of a meltdown on one of the breaks (more on that on my Twitter).  I was eliminated on Day One, and I didn't play terribly well either.  On Tuesday Mike "the mouth" Matusow came to my house, and we hung out, hit the hot tub, and played Chinese poker for $300 a point.  Mike won $18,900 and it hurt!  In my own house!

On Wednesday night I attended the neighborhood NCAA Calcutta along with Layne Flack, Brandon Cantu, and Jeff Madsen.  The prize pool turned out to be roughly $27,000, and the pay off formula is like this: "Sweet Sixteen" 2 wins gets 3% ($810) of the prize pool; "Elite Eight" 3 wins gets 5% ($1,350) of the prize pool; "Final four" 4 wins gets 8% ($2,160) of the prize pool; runner up with 5 wins gets 15% ($4,050) of the prize pool; and winner with 6 wins gets 25% ($6,250) of the prize pool.  First all of the 14 and 15 seeds are auctioned off as a group of 8, then all of the 16 and 13 seeds are auctioned off as a group of 8.  Then teams are auctioned off one at a time, with the last eight teams auctioned being the 1 seeds and the 2 seeds.  "Team 20" (for 20 bracelets for Layne, Jeff, Brandon and I, although we didn't tell anyone in attendance why we were "Team 20") bought these 12 teams: Missouri ($700), Texas A & M ($160), Uconn ($1,550), Syracuse ($750), Gonzaga ($700), Michigan State ($1,225), Kansas ($400), Ohio State ($150), Villanova ($900), Washington ($275), 50% of ASU for $175 ($350), and 50% of Louisville for $1,050 ($2,100).  We paid roughly $8,000 for our teams and the pieces of our teams, and some we bought for good reasons.

We bought over-priced Villanova ($900) because EDOG (Erick Lindgren) mentioned in passing that he liked them, and it turns out that they have some serious home court advantages.  We bought Gonzaga because Brandon and Layne are headed up to Portland, as is EDOG and perhaps myself to watch the Zags play their first few games.  We bought Michigan State, Ohio State, Uconn, and Kansas because they were a good value.  Our team had a great time at the Calcutta battling the "Computer modeling" team, and some of the other teams and individuals there.  FYI, North Carolina went for $2,125, and we probably should have pulled the trigger and bought them, but who knows how high the bidding would have taken them.  Certainly they figure to make the final four and break evenTime to watch some hoops baby!!!

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