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PH Youtube channel up and running! $32,000 UB win NBC Heads up

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Mar 03, '09

Posted: March 03, 2009 07:38 PM

Check out my new official channel:

Phil Hellmuth YouTube Channel

Getting your own channel is an "Invitation only" deal, and the Founders of "You Tube" (Chad Hurley and Steve Chen) invited me to have an official "Phil Hellmuth" Channel.  I was sitting courtside at a Golden State Warriors game when my ticket representative told me that Chad and Steve (also courtside) wanted to meet me and was I interested in saying hello?  I said, "It would be an honor."  So at halftime my wife and I hung out with those two, although I probably talked too much!  Those two had a great story of how they founded "You Tube," and how they judiciously kept a large chunk of the equity for themselves.  Because they were both early employees of "Pay Pal," they learned to keep most of the equity for themselves.  When they started You Tube they didn't have any idea that it would sell for over $1 billion!  They were both thinking much smaller.  But it took off big time, and Google came in and bought them, even though You Tube was losing millions of dollars every month, and turned these two into two of the hottest internet moguls in the world.  In fact, right now Steve is a national hero in his originating country of Taiwan.

On my channel I have dozens of videos already loaded up and running, and we will have a video of Brandon Cantu getting "Tased" by Clonie Gowan!  I will also throw new videos up there that are homemade.  Maybe one or two where I'm hanging out with movie stars, sports stars, rock stars, and big time celebs.  Maybe a few where I'm emceeing charity tournaments like Eva and Tony Parker's event in San Antonio.  Maybe one or two from the "Millionaires Row" at the Kentucky Derby, or from the VIP parties behind the scenes in Louisville.

I won $32,000 yesterday playing $200-$400 limit Hold'em at, and in the middle of my playing I called Johnny Chan, Layne Flack, and Eric Seidel to ask them about their money management principles.  Chan was busy playing high stakes poker, 2-7 no limit with Billy Baxter and "Viffer," but Eric and I talked quite a bit.  The question is when do you quit a poker game?  We both agreed that we shouldn't be playing when we felt we were "Off."  And that means tired, tilty, too frustrated, or we just felt like something was wrong or a little bit out of kilter.  But do you go for a pre-set winning amount every day, like $7,000 to $12,000?  And if you hit that amount, quit for the day?  That's what I have been doing pretty successfully, but then I might win a lot of $7,000's, and lose a few $20,000'sand even a $42,000--and does that make sense?  My friends all pointed out that it is also good for UB when I'm there, and don't I have to take that into account?  Yes, that's true.  But as far as pure money management goes, should I play more hours when I'm feeling great, and less when I'm off?  Eric thought that it made sense to have my upside and downside the same for the day, and that makes sense.  All these years, and I'm still debating the ideal money management strategy!  Layne thought that a "hit and run" strategy was great, if the players in the game knew that I might do thatand they all know that when I play online, because I always tell them that I may quit at anytime.  In the past, booking lots of winsmaybe two or a three a day--is what led to one of my biggest surges.  One thing that we thought made sense was this: when you're winning big, play a little while longer because that means everyone else is losing big, and probably on tilt.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), I am playing in a high stakes golf match with Layne, Gavin Smith, and Erick Lindgren; while a golf writer (Josh Sens) from "Golf magazine" chronicles the match.  It will be Layne and I vs Gavin and Erick.  Then I'm having dinner with the CEO of in Las Vegas, and then my dad flies in to hang out and watch me play in the "NBC Heads up Championships."  The NBC Heads up party, and draw, is Thursday night at Pure nightclub.  The first matches are Friday.

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