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Phil is BORING: 19 hours sleep to start the NY, 10K win at UB, Chinese! Big Loss!

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Jan 08, '09

Posted: January 08, 2009 02:36 PM

Perhaps I'm domesticated and boring, but I watched a few season four episodes of "Lost" with my wife until 11:30 pm on New Year's Eve, and then I went to bed. No drinks, no poker, and no going out for dinner. At 12:08 am I told my wife, "Happy New Years," and then I rolled over and fell asleep (boring!). 19 hours later, at 7:20 pm, I rolled out of bed. 2008 was a busy and stressful year for me, and all of the travel and stress had really worn me down. I was tired enough that I passed on playing in a episode of "High Stakes Poker" with two "Billionaires" on December 20th, despite the fact that I won over $250k last time I played in a similar one a month or two earlier.

At midnight on NYD I played $100-$200 limit Hold'em at UB, and won around $9,600. It seemed like getting ahead was difficult for me, but I kept fighting the good fight! After staying up all night, now I was really screwed up sleep schedule-wise, I played Roland De Wolfe Chinese poker and I won $17,400 (87 points at $200 a point). Then I played more $100-$200 at UB and my goal was to win $5,000. I won the $5,000, and then bet football all day. I bet Ole Miss and over ($3,500 on over), and won both. Then we bet Alabama ($2,500) and lost. Oh well, six straight wins betting college football, and one loser. At 7:00 pm I went to bed and slept another 11 hours.

When I woke up I hopped online to play UB, and now it seems like I ran bad for hours, and hours. An online player named "Lookoil" (seems like a nice guy) destroyed me whilst putting an array of bad beats on me for hours. I tried to keep my patience and play my game, and I seemed to hold together really well. But alas, it was "One of those days" and the smartest thing I did was quit when I hit $30,000 loser. I even held it together for the last $9,000, but it seems I barely won a pot. The great irony is that the observers think that whoever is winning is playing great, and that whoever is losing is playing bad. Meanwhile, oftentimes it is the opposite. The observers do not see the whole cards and do not fully understand what is happening. I am trying to not get upset over the loss, and keep it in perspective. If every time I lose, I get too upset, then that is an unhealthy way for me to live my life. Thus, even though I'm writing this right after I quit, and I'm a bit upset (as it is my biggest online loss in 8 or 9 months), I am trying to smile as I bring my wife out for coffee. I will enjoy watching the playoff games today, and then tomorrow (Sunday) I will be back at UB playing limit Hold'em, and hopefully I will run as good on Sunday as I ran bad on Saturday!!

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