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BZZZZZZ (Taser bet); $450,000 in one day, Phillies, Leinart, London

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Dec 03, '08

Posted: December 03, 2008 04:53 PM

OK, I woke up Friday at 10:00 am (ouch!), and hopped in my white stretch limo at 10:30 am. Then my limo driver Singh drove up the runway right to my private jet ride at the San Jose airport. Tom Smith is one of the two brother Founders of "Taser"-along with Rick-and he was my pilot as well! Talk about full service…We flew to Vegas and picked up Layne Flack, McClain Karr, Jeff Madsen, Todd Brunson, Lara Miller, and Brandon Cantu. Then we flew to Phoenix where we had our whole weekend scheduled up.


Friday, November 21, 2008

2:00 pm - General Tournament first seating - Ft. McDowell Casino Poker Room

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Celebrity Media time - Radisson Hospitality Suite

5:00 pm VIP Dinner at The Peaks Steakhouse - Ft. McDowell Casino

7:00 pm - 7:30 pm Meet & Greet for Tribal leaders and media winners - Ft. McDowell Casino

7:30 pm Poker Class for Celebrities - Radisson Hospitality Suite

9:00 pm General Tournament second seating - Ft. McDowell Casino Poker room

Saturday, November, 22, 2008

10:30 am - 11:30 am General public meet & greet - Ft. McDowell Casino entrance of Poker Room

12:00 pm High Roller Tournament - Ft. McDowell Casino

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Dinner for families, celebrities, VIP law enforcement guests - Ft. McDowell Casino outside courtyard

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Resume tournament - Ft. McDowell Casino

8:00 pm Final Grand Prize Table - Ft. McDowell Casino

10:30 pm Rick's After Party at Myst - board buses for Myst

I grabbed a quick workout-Todd later complained when I dropped my bags in his room-mine wasn't ready yet--and I stripped down to my undershorts to put my workout gear on, he said, "I didn't know where this was going!" Very clever line Todd. We had dinner at 5:00 pm, then at 7:00 pm we taught a bunch of the celebs how to play poker including: former Dallas Cowboys Ed "Too Tall" Jones, "Hollywood" Hendersen, and Steve Cole, John Bunnel (FOX's "Wildest Police Videos"), American Gladiators Siren and Wolf, Paula Trickey ("Pacific Blue"), Karri Turner ("JAG"), rapper Young MC (), and County music stars Mark Wills and Nick Nicholson. At 10:30 we took a limo to the "W" to meet quarterback Matt Leinart, who was nice enough to let Madsen, Flack, Cantu and I sit in his family box for the Giants-Cardinals game Sunday afternoon. We arrived at 11:30, but Leinart texted me at exactly 11:32 saying he was out of there as he needed to get some sleep (understandable). Also, another text came in at exactly 11:32 from Young MC saying that two Phillies players wanted to meet me. So I walked across the room and had a great time chilling with Jeff Jenkins and Pat Burrel for about an hour. Those guys are still on cloud nine! They were in such a great mood and in such a high spirit that it was awesome to see! We had a great time talking baseball and poker, and Burrel and I started needling each other back and forth. That was so much fun! Burrel just tells it like it is, and that is refreshing, and fun. ["Phil I love watching you because you're such an asshole."] Uh, OK Pat. I dragged Nick and his wife out to the club with us, and the next day he said, "A country singer at a hip hop club, of course no one recognized me."

The next day we had the VIP tournament at noon, which was a $1,000 buy in, with $1,000 rebuys, and a $500 add on. On Friday there were two tournaments that were smaller with rebuys, and for the whole weekend we raised $450,000 for the "Taser Fallen Officers Foundation" charity! All of this money goes directly to officers and their families that have been injured, or have died in the line of duty. Ever since 911 I have had a soft spot for the policeman and the fireman, and I'm so happy to help out the cause! I emceed for ten hours straight, and I played and made the money (13th, and they paid 13). Todd played great, and he was defending champion as well, and when he was heads up, with pocket queens, and a queen on the board, it looked like he had defended his title, but the "Birthday boy"(great story - his wife put him in the tourney for his birthday and he won it!) hit a flush and went on to win.

Clonie has been at more of these charity events--that I do--than anyone else. After Cantu went broke with 8-6 off suit, he got up to quit. But Clonie took the microphone and said, "I will rebuy you Brandon, but then we have to have a last longer bet where the loser gets tased by the winner!" Cantu reluctantly agreed to the bet. Now I was already needling Cantu about playing too fast, and now he was all in with Q-3 off suit (rebuy!), then Q-3 off suit (another rebuy), then J-3 suited (he actually had the best hand and jack high won the pot), of course I announced each of his all ins while I needled him about playing too fast! Then suddenly, he was all in again in a three way pot, and Cantu had A-A! He won the pot and took the chip lead! Clonie was so bummed out that she stopped talking entirely! After the rebuy it was Cantu with $70,000 and Clonie with $15,000. Still, hours passed after that as the whole room watched the battle. We taped the sound of a Taser and played it over the microphone! We had people testify on the mic what it was like to be tased! When we hit the final fourteen, Clonie was all in, Cantu called her with A-7, and "Too Tall" was in there as well, the cards came off: Ah-Js-Jd-4h-10h, and Clonie showed down the Jh-9h! Brandon looked sick to his stomach! They were now about even in chips. Finally, Cantu went broke on the bubble, and Clonie will Tase him at the Bellagio, and we will invite poker players to watch it, and play the video on,, and!

On Saturday night I was too tired to go out, so I went to bed early, knowing that I had a limo to the game and four tickets to Leinart's box. During the game I enjoyed chatting with Leinart's mother, brother, and father. They are all well grounded and positive people. Then we headed down to meet Matt postgame, and afterwards I hopped into the limo for the airport. Layne, Cantu, and Madsen went to dinner with Matt. I'll have to hear the report later…In any case, I am writing this in my London limo, while I'm headed straight away from the airport to studio for my first "Premiere League" match. Who needs sleep to win? 14 hours ago I was at the Cardinals game, in a few minutes I'll play my first heat here in London.

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