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ESPN, NBC, Sick, doctor, big loss!! big win on "Poker after Dark?"

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Oct 28, '08

Posted: October 28, 2008 09:27 PM

ESPN, NBC, Sick, doctor, big loss!! big win on "Poker after Dark?"

It is Tuesday here in Vegas, and a lot has happened over the last few days. On Thursday night I went to Roland De Wolfe's suite at the "Wynn" to play Chinese poker for $500 a point. I should have gone to bed as I felt a bit sick, and I was super tired. We ended up playing in the Wynn poker room for a few hours (I lost $5,500) and then we went to "Tao" at the Venetian to meet up with a poker star, not to be named, for a few drinks. "Tao" was off the hook! On the way in we ran into Craig Ferguson, who was hanging out with Joe Reitman (Annie Duke's boyfriend), and Ferguson made us laugh on the elevator on the way to the VIP section! No wonder he has his own talk show. Upon arriving, I went right to Antonio's table on the dance floor (my favorite table), where he was partying with Michael Phelps, Jeff Madsen, Phil Laak, Lacy Jones, David Williams, and a few others. We hung out there for a few minutes while we danced on the stage behind Antonio's booth, and then we went to our friend's booth in the back. This booth was a lot more understated than the ones that I like, but pretty soon Phelps, Laak, and Williams joined us for some Dom P. I will let the story end here, but I was sick, I should have stayed home and rested, but I had a great night.

Friday Daniel and I sort of co-hosted an ESPN preview show for the final table, along with Norman Chad and Lon McCarren. Also appearing on the show were David Williams (no hangover), Evelyn Eng, Kenny Tran, and a few others. Then I went straight to the Venetian to be on the "Real Deal" with Jen Harmon.

Afterwards I went into the poker room, now sick, now more exhausted than ever, and hopped into the $1,500 - $3,000 game. I played great for hours, but I still lost $100,000, all of it due to 2-7 triple draw. I love that game, but DO NOT run bad at that game!! It is three times the size of the other games, and when you lose with 8's and 7's, you will lose $20,000 or more on that one hand. All the other players were joking about bad I was running in 2-7. Oh well. Now I rested in my room all day Saturday, and called a doctor Saturday night. He prescribed Xyzla, and I began to take it although I thought I had a sinus infection, which would require something else (anti-biotics). I called Carlos (a healer massage guy who is great) and he gave me a two hour massage, then I got up tired again, and now we shot a commercial for NBC Sunday at 11:00 am with Doyle, Daniel, Jen Harmon, Howard Lederer, and Chris Ferguson. I took the rest of the day off, lounging around watching football all day, and napping. I knew that I had to play an NBC "Poker after Dark" cash game the next day, and I was on my own! It was a $100,000 buy in and I didn't sell a piece to anyone, although I offered Chan a piece. We recorded two week's worth of shows for NBC, and without telling you who was in the game I will tell you my results in my next BLOG, but not until I play another PAD cash game on Thursday…

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