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Lost again on "Poker after Dark!"

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: May 06, '07


OK, on Thursday Gus Hansen lost his mind and offered me 4 1/2-to-1 to win my six player heat. I don't care who is in the heat, I'm never even a four-to-one dog in a six handed no limit Hold'em heat, ever! In London last month, I won four out of six. So I bet $20,000 on myself, and I called Johnny Chan and Doyle Brunson, trying to make them some money. They both bet $10,000 on me to win with Gus, and the match was on. First out was Jennifer Harmon (she seemed card dead), then went Gus when he lost a $40,000 pot with A-J vs. Ivey's 6-6 (all in before the flop). Then we lost Chris Ferguson, and now we were three handed, Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey and I.

I folded a K-2 on the button, and told Ivey and Lederer that I had folded a king high. The next round, with the blinds $800-$1,600 I raised it up on the button with 8-8 to $4,500 to go. Lederer made it $14,500 to go with Kh-8h, Ivey folded, and I moved all in for around $2,000 more. Lederer was frustrated when I announced that I had pocket eights, and the cards came off Qd-7c-6h-9c-Ks, ouch! Had I won that pot, I would have had around $36,000 or so, and Lederer would have had about $10,000, with Ivey having roughly $54,000. After playing super patiently and waiting a long time for a real hand, I was surprised (shocked that Howard reraised with K-8). I let the other players run me over a bit while I waited for a hand. I guess that's why they do it. I give the other players the illusion that I will fold all the time, then "Bam" they find themselves in my clutches. I still don't understand why I seem to have way the best of it 80% of the time, even when I play against top competition. I hate Howard's raise here, because he knew how tight I was playing.

So after never being all in, and waiting out three players, I finally played one big pot where I was 2 1/2-to-1 favorite, and I was eliminated. Too bad, I felt that Ivey and I would have had a good match, and that I would have won. But who knows. I would have liked to play that match on NBC. Needless to say, I went a bit crazy (Poker Brat!) after I lost that pot. Whining about how I am the best, etc…

On Friday I had a lunch meeting with someone about buying a casino in Vegas. Then I went to the Bellagio where I picked up some cool hats that I'll be wearing at the WSOP this year. A black hat, with the World Poker Store logo in gold on the front, my PH logo in gold on one side, and the "Oasys Mobile" logo on the other side-in gold. The hat looks really sharp. This year I'll be wearing many different logos at the WSOP, since Ultimatebet no longer has me wearing logos in the USA. Look for a mix of logos with the following logos being in the mix: World Poker Store, "Iamplify," "Oasys Mobile," "Pro Player" Endurance Formula drink, "Card Player" magazine, "UBT" (Ultimate Blackjack Tour), my "PH" logo, and a few others as well…

At the Bellagio, I also made sure that Lisa Pavin (Corey Pavin's wife) and her sister were checked in at the Bellagio in the VIP line. I love Lisa and Corey; they really are wonderful people and a ton of fun to hang out with. I also met with Peter "The poet" Costa and his wife Leah (more great people) for a few minutes. Then I was off to watch a "Poker after Dark" match, and I commentated part of the match between Joe Hachim, Doyle Brunson, and Johnny Chan for PAD (on NBC). Later I went to "Smith and Wollensky's" with Greg Raymer and Joe Hachim, where I drank some Chataeu Y Quiem. Chan was supposed to join us, and I thought that it would have been pretty cool to eat dinner with four World Champions. I already liked Raymer a ton, but Hachim impressed me as being a big family guy. I have head nothing but good stuff about both Greg and Joe, and that makes me happy. It is good when some of the big winners in poker are great people.

Saturday I slept way, way in! I only left my room once for some coffee, until 10:30 pm when I went to commentate a bit for Poker after Dark, along with Chad Brown. At 1:00 am I headed to the gym for a full workout. I need to workout to give myself the best chance to win in my heat on Sunday. I know that I play with TJ Cloutier, Doyle, Layne Flack, Eric Seidel, and Billy Baxter. I bet $20,000 on myself to win the heat (against Gus again) at four-to-one. Also, I bet $20,000 to win the heat the next day-on Monday--at four-to-one. So I better win one of the next two heats, or I'll owe Gus $60,000!

I was very pleased to see the Warriors win the series against Dallas. I may be able to make some games when I'm home, but I have to travel to Vegas a lot the next few weeks. I have been to five Warriors games this year, two of them home playoff games that they won vs. the mavs.

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