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This weekend rocked

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Aug 14, '08

Posted: August 14, 2008 11:55 AM

The weekend rocked! Match with Sean Elliot - "Falling" for one outer

What a great weekend! On Friday I played a golf match with Sean Elliot, whose story is amazing. Sean needed a kidney, then had a kidney given to him by his own brother, and then Sean returned to the NBA one year later on the San Antonio Spurs and won an NBA Championship with David Robinson and Tim Duncan. We played a golf match against each other, and the game was interesting. Sean is an eight handicap, and he had to play regular golf rules. I'm an 18 handicap, and my deal was this: every time I hit a driver, then I hit two balls and played the best one. I could tee up my driver everywhere. I was allowed to roll the ball one driver length from the ball that I chose to play. One time I rolled it right out of the water!
I birdied the first hole-a par five--when I hit driver (only one), driver from around 280 yards, then driver from 70 yards, then I hit driver from on the green from around 50 feet and drained it! Then Sean asked me, "Are you some sort of trick shot artist?" At the end of about 14 holes, I was small winner. Then Sean and I teamed up to play a two man scramble against Rene Perkins and GH (golf hustler). I was still allowed to hit two shots every time I chose driver, including putting. They had all witnessed me making tons of putts on the first 14 holes with my driver! I must putt better with my driver than I do with my putter…On fifteen Sean and I went par, they went birdie. On sixteen Sean hit a clutch shot to 2 feet on a 165 yard par three into the wind after GH hit it to 16 feet. They made birdie, we made birdie. Did I mention that GH has a "Plus 4" handicap? "Plus 4" means that he averages four under par! On seventeen we made birdie, and they made birdie when GH hit their shot to two feet, and Sean nailed a clutch 12 footer after I missed both of my putts. On the par five eighteenth, I hit our driver 290 yards up the middle, and we landed in the front bunker in two. GH hit one to 14 feet so that they had an eagle putt. Sean finally hit a bad shot when he flew out of the bunker 25 feet past the hole. This was a triple stakes hole, and I teed it up in the bunker, pulled out my sand wedge and told everyone, "I'm going to hole out!" I spent three minutes studying, and then I hit it as good as I could. The ball flew 20 feet bounced and rolled right over the cup, mildly lipping out. It came to rest two feet away, and now we had to dodge their eagle putt and hope to tie. GH lipped it out, and Sean knocked our ball in right away for a tie. FYI - not surprisingly, Sean was clutch! In fact, Sean and I were three under in four holes in a two man scramble…and we lost one bet, sick!

That night my oldest son and I stayed in the hotel, watched the Olympics, and ordered massive amounts of room service. My boy spent 40 hours straight in that sweet at the Westin La Cantera. He had workouts everyday that week, and some summer school, so no problem-he was chillin. On Saturday night we got into our white stretch hummer limo (thanks Eva!), and headed over to do the red carpet. There were 1,000 people at the charity event, and tons of press. They called me back to the red carpet, twice! You try walking in right before Eva and Tony Parker! Pedrotti's North Wind Ranch was a great place to have the tournament, and the sound system was perfect for me to emcee on for six hours straight. The VIP room was about nice. Not too many people, and a chance to mingle a bit.

After I made sure that my son was sitting with four time NBA champ Tim Duncan, I picked up the microphone. I needled the celebrities if they made a bad play, and encouraged them if they looked down; and I announced all of their all-in's. Some in attendance were: San Antonio's own Ricardo Antonio Chavira of "Desperate Housewives," Jennifer Morrison ("House"), Adam Rodriguez ("CSI: Miami"), David Zayas ("Dexter"), Leeann Tweeden (cover girl and hostess of "Poker After Dark"), Katie Chonacas ("Righteous Kill"), Las Vegas show producer Tim Molyneux, and Spurs B-ballers Tim Duncan and Sean Elliott. I really teased Leeann, but I gave her the microphone and she fired right back! When I announced my own all in, the first hand after the rebuys ended, I fell on the floor when the river card hit! I had A-A, limped in, and just called when the big blind raised it up. The flop was Ac-Kc-Qh, and we moved all in. I announced the hand as a three hit on the turn, and hundred people were standing around my table watching. I announced, "My opponent is a forty-three-to-one underdog." I was getting ready to say that my opponent played the hand well, and that there was nothing he could do, when the dealer turned the Kd. The next thing I know, the crowd is screaming, and I'm on the floor on my hands and knees! About twenty seconds later I picked myself up off of the floor and said, "My opponent made four kings! I'm glad that that happened to me here and not in Las Vegas." Ted Forrest would say, "Good job Phil, get rid of the bad luck here where it doesn't matter." Eva and Tony were the last two celebs left in the tournament, and Eva was the last one, eventually finishing in fifteenth place. Nice job girl, you raised a ton of money, put together a great event, and still managed to outlast 300 players in the poker tournament, and all of the other Celebs!

I auctioned off a seat to Ultimatebet's main event in Aruba, including air fare, and hotel for $11,500, plus an invitation to my party on the roof (in the penthouse) with live rock and roll by Scott Ian and Pearl Aday (from the group "Pearl"): and 40 bottles of Dom and Cris. The $11,500 went to Eva's Heroes charity. Afterwards a bunch of us went to the "Cielito Lounge" where we walked upstairs, and sat down in the big booth up there. I sat down on the top of the booth in the back corner, and to my right sat Katie, right in front of me sat Eva (Tony was standing in front of her pouring Dom for everyone), and to my left sat Leeann and Jennifer. I always find myself surrounded by beautiful woman at the clubs (somehow), but these four are something else. Super beauty's yes, but they're all fun and pretty darn sharp as well. I had about three glasses of Dom and a "Girly shot" with Tony, Tony's brothers and his father, but I had only had one drink the entire evening up until that point. After they "Closed" the club, we went downstairs and re-opened it! Tony took over the DJ'ing, and about twenty of us danced for another 30 minutes. Finally, the celebs only headed out to "Sonic Burger," where we hung out for another hour, for many of us 4:00 am in Texas is only 2:00 am (were from Cali). I had a great night!

On Sunday my son and I headed to the "River walk" with Tim Molyneaux for a meal at Budro's (yummy!). Then we hopped on a plane and flew home. My son had a lot of fun hanging out with Timmy, and he was the chip leader for two hours (I kept pumping him up on the microphone), but he was the youngest one in the place, and he wants teenage girls to be everywhere that he goes! This weekend I'll be in Vancouver, and Saturday I hit the golf course up there.

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