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Another day and another chip lead

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Jul 01, '08

Posted: July 01, 2008 01:36 PM

Another day, another chip lead!

July 3 "All in" musical debuts at Rio Hotel. FYI Tim Molyneux wrote a poker musical called "All in," that is out of this world! We are having a VIP showing July 3 at the Rio Hotel, then we will show it again July 4th and 5th. Tim has brought in top broadway talent for the three day stint, and I guarantee that you will be shocked at how good "All in" is.

With 20 players remaining in the $1,500 buy in HORSE tournament, I have a massive chip lead! This HORSE event is the biggest HORSE event in history! How sweet would it be for me to win number 12 in a massive HORSE field! Just like yesterday, when my head hits the pillow I will be the chip leader; yesterday with $46,400, and today with $287,500. We begin day three Tuesday July 1 at 3:00 pm, and we play all the way down until we have a winner. This tournament could easily end at 3:00 am!! So I am preparing for what could be, and hopefully will be, a long day. I started out slowly as I lost a few pots and went down to somewhere near the $20,000 in chip mark. I was folding and folding, especially in the Hold'em, and then I caught a break when my (6-6) K-10 in stud hit a six on the third up card, and a player that had (A-10) 2-K hit an ace and put himself all in-about four big bets. Then in the Hold'em, after I folded all eight hands in one round and probably seven of eight in another round, I picked up Ac-Kc, and it held up in a huge pot vs. Ad-Jd, board came down 8d-7d-2s-Ah-9h. And then a few hands later my Q-Q won a huge pot as well. Next thing I knew I had $100,000. I decided to play a very patient strategy, mixed with a few steals in the stud games-pretty by the book stuff. I need to get some sleep, and then hopefully make the final table, and then hopefully…Well, y'all know what I really want!!!

If I win it, then I'm donating my victory to my close friend, the late great John Bonetti! The bracelet itself, if I can win it, has been promised to my close friend Greg Pierson who is the CEO of Iovation.

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