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Chip leader and another cash

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Jun 30, '08

Posted: June 30, 2008 11:05 AM

Chip leader, and another cash

OK, in the seven card stud 8/b event two days ago, Men "the master" Nyugen cashed for about the 60th time, good for second all-time. However, I cashed for what I believe was the record 66th time. I had almost $40,000 in chips, and just like in the 2-7 triple draw event, I seemed to go ice cold and I won one ante or so before I went through all of those chips. I seemed to ante myself off one more time! I finished in about 30th place, and I was feeling pretty distraught as I loved the way I was playing, but I went down anyway. I am sick of "Fools Gold," where I get a bunch of chips, but I have trouble going too far with them.

I am THE chip leader today after day one in the $1,500 buy in HORSE (Hold'em, Omaha 8/b, Seven card Stud low, Seven card stud, and Razz - Seven card stud low) tournament, and I flopped three sets in one round in the Hold'em section! I am starting to heat up baby! Poker is a lot more fun when I'm catching cards and making hands! Can I continue to play great poker? Yes, I think that I can and will. Will I have enough luck to make it all the way to the final table? I hope so. There are tons of bad players that do not know all of the games that are still remaining in the field. My goal is to make the final table tomorrow, period. I will need to play great poker for another 12 hours or so in order to pull that goal off. And, I will need some luck as well. It was fun having luck on my side today!

FYI - my friend Tim Molyneux came by and watched me play for awhile, and he is an amazing guy. He may well end up being the next Andrew Lloyd Webber. Tim walked up to the HORSE with me, and I ran my $2,600 into $10,000 while he was there. I have won tons of my WSOP bracelets in the last few events, and this HORSE tournament is one of the last events…

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