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Health Spa!

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Apr 15, '08


April 15, 2008

Monday April 14 Health spa!

A few weeks ago my wife and I spent a week at the world famous spa called "Canyon Ranch" in Tucson, Arizona, and man did I need that! I love places like this one, where I can work on becoming more powerful, more spiritual, and more clear minded. I took tons of blood tests, and even a heart scan, and I'm lucky that I'm in great health. My Triglycerides are a bit too high and my HDL (Healthy darn cholesterol!) is a bit too low-the combination of which, unchecked, could lead to a heart attack. But I can move them into the right direction pretty easily, and they aren't in heart attack range yet! I need to give up my favorite candy (the soft "Spree") and eat fruit instead. Candy raises your Triglycerides, as does white rice, and white bread. Fruit raises your HDL.

Poker after Dark

I'm in Vegas, and I just finished playing in four "Poker after Dark" shows. I cannot reveal my record in them as per my contract with NBC. On Friday I play another "Poker after Dark," but only three of the five that I play are normal $20,000 POD's, the other's are "Special" and have different formats. One is a heads up tournament between Chris Ferguson (2008 NBC Heads up Champion), Paul Wasicka (2007 NBC Heads up Champ), Ted Forrest (2006 NBC Heads up Champ), and me (the 2005 NBC heads up champ). The other is a cash game.

Golf bets!!

Today I made a golf bet between Joe Cassidy and Layne Flack. I bet Joe that Layne could beat him when he was scrambling his ball over 18 holes, and Layne gets five repeats per nine holes. By "Repeats" I mean that Layne can re-hit his ball, and use either the first or the second shot (or the third or fourth shot!) that he hit. I bet Joe $2,000 a hole with 50% carry-overs. And then we bet another $2,000 a hole with 50% carry-overs that Layne could beat him with 16 repeats per nine holes! So it is $4,000 a hole. The match will be Thursday at TPC Canyons, and then they need to play part two on Saturday. This bet is very interesting. Imagine if they play a tough par four over water, like number 17 at Shadow Creek, and Joe lands two in the water. In the 16 "repeat" match Layne could then hit as many balls as he likes to hit that green!! We really should have some cameras out on the course with us at this match!

Great Day!! NBC Commercials, "Dancing with the Stars," and the LA Lakers

On Tuesday I get up at 9:30 am and shoot commercials for NBC. Then I fly to L. A. with Layne Flack where I'll be a "Celebrity Guest" rooting for Shannon Elizabeth on "Dancing with the Stars." At 7:30 that night, Layne and I will sit with L. A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss in his sky box for a key game. I love sitting with Jerry in his box. He has a chef, a bartender, and even a dessert cart up there! If the Laker's win, then they will have home court advantage throughout the entire NBA playoffs. After that we will walk down to the "Chairman's VIP Room" near the locker rooms, and have a drink. Jerry's invited guests only, usually including some huge celebrities are welcome. I will fly back to Vegas, but what a day! Layne and I really should go out afterwards in L. A. to really make a cool day out of it, but I need to get some sleep for the $100,000 cash game on POD Friday, and more importantly, to get ready for the WPT (World Poker Tour) $25,000 buy in Championships beginning on April 19-20.

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