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Golf match, trivia, etc…

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Apr 17, '08

Posted: April 17, 2008 09:53 AM

I was down 12 holes in a row in the golf match at $4,000 a hole, which is no small feat considering that Joe Cassidy was scrambling (two shots each time and then choose the best shot), and Layne Flack took 5 "Free swings" on the front and 16 free swings on the back. So I asked if I could press it up to $8,000 a hole, and Joe accepted. Then Layne won four in a row, and one 50% carry-over (8K 8K 8K 4K), and I was down $6,000 going into the 17th hole. This is where Layne was next to the green in two, and Joe hit his drive well, then missed his first shot into the crap, and then hit his second shot out of bounds, or so it appeared! The ball actually caromed off of a tree and came back into play right in front of the green! Ouch! Joe then hit two more bad shots, and two putted for his bogey. Layne hit a bad chip, and then two putted for bogey, and the last hole was worth $12,000. Joe hit his ball deep into the crap and caught a miraculous carom out of the desert and into the fairway! Layne drilled his drive, but was unlucky to find a bunker. Then he chunked a 7 iron, while Joe hit two more bad shots, and now they both were lying two. Layne then hit his ball into the water from 96 yards and I lost $18,000. Afterwards we played more holes with Joe and he beat me for another $16,000, ouch!

At this point I went back to my hotel and had a nice dinner, including Dover Sole, and a nice ice wine. Then Layne, Gavin Smith, and Erick Lindgren texted me to come out to the bar and join them. I joined them at 11:00, and proceeded to lose $12,000 to Gavin playing trivia on the machine at the bar! Then I lost another $7,000 to EDOG!! I finally won a bet when I beat Gavin for $1,000 playing "Galaga." Rough day! I did manage to win $20,000 playing poker at, and that cushioned my blow! I have Thursday off here in Vegas, but I was thinking of playing the $5,000 buy-I tournament at the Bellagio. However, it is 5:38 am, and I haven't written my article yet, so I will write it and sleep really late. On Tuesday night there was no mention of me at all on "Dancing with the Stars," but I did enjoy watching the show from the front row. Afterwards we went to the Laker's game, and I really enjoyed that! We sat in the owner's box--Jerry Busses's-and I love Jerry. Friday I play in a $100,000 buy in "Poker after Dark" cash game, and Saturday I play in the WPT Championship, which is a $25,000 buy in event at the Bellagio.

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