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The Wedding was Amazing! Online/Borgata Open/TV Time

by Josh Brikis |  Published: Aug 19, '10


Just an absolute perfect weekend! The weather couldn’t of been better…the planning all came together…Kristen looked amazing and all her hard work getting this thing ready really showed. We got a ton of compliments on how amazing everything was and we couldn’t be happier the way it all turned out. I was a little nervous about a half hour before hand and leading up to the ceremony but I made it. She surprised me and everyone else when she came strolling in on a horse carriage with her dad! Everyone just loved that part and I had no idea! We had a ton of seats outside for the ceremony and I think almost every one was filled…almost everyone at the reception was at the ceremony which was really nice. There are some great pictures flying around on facebook and our professional photographers hope to have our pics up soon as well. The families and wedding party took pictures on the golf course while everyone else was at a cocktail hour. We then went in to get announced…I heard loud cheers for both of our parents and then we came out to “Forever Young” by Jay-Z. It was pretty cool. We rolled right into the best man and maid of honor speeches. Kristen’s sister Natalie went first and she did an excellent job and was also real emotional…had me tearing up…then Kristen’s best friend Nina said a few sweet things and finally my best man…Bo Hurd went. He has been nervous for months now but I knew he would do fine…and he had everyone laughing and cheering…it really was a great speech! We went on to eat our meals after that and tried getting around to say hi to everyone but only made it halfway before we had to cut the cake and go into our first dance song. Our first dance song was a song I picked while at the WSOP in vegas hanging out in my room listening to song after song…I finally went with Kenny Chesney “Me and You” and she loved it…it was perfect! Then of course the Bride/Mother Bride/Father dances were beautiful as Kristen’s parents do so much for her and they are really close. I then dance with my mom and I chose Boyz II Men “Song for Mama”- man was it emotional for everyone…she absolutely loved it and she looked amazing! After all the dances the DJ started getting everyone on the floor and he was perfect all night…we had the whole wedding dancing all night…what a blast! We ended the night with the perfect Journey song “Don’t Stop Believin” and the whole floor was crowded around me and Kristen and we all sang it…what an awesome time…of course we weren’t quite done…we went to the bar outside on the patio for a few hours and then back to the hotel to party a little more…you only get one of these and I wanted to enjoy every minute of it…and I/we have the most amazing friends and family to do so…Thank you everyone for the best wedding ever!

Sunday morning a few of us golfed on the nice course they have there…however there was more bugs than I had ever seen so it wasn’t that fun and I went back to my parents to swim after that. My best man stayed a few days and we got some things done and hung out and now its back to reality!

So I played online yesterday for the first time since last week sometime and actually had a profitable day with 3 Final Tables but got 2 outted in 4th place and the other two were an 8th and 10th…so nothing that I can be happy about..especially being close to the $100rebuy big score…but what can I do but keep pluggin away and putting in volume…I can say 1 thing…poker has gotten really tough…everyone is good these days…there are way to many good players…I knew everyone at the final 3 tables in the $100 rebuy…that isnt that much fun…well it is…but it is basically getting to the point of who runs better…and I just can’t seem to run good at the right times online.

I am ecstatic for a few things…first we are heading to Riviera Maya for our Honeymoon! That should be awesome! Second…I just love the September Open at Borgata and I truly can’t wait to play every event and ship something…I will be playing as many events as possible. I also noticed my boy JY is freerolling someone that made him laugh…well me and JY like to laugh alot…he cracks me up constantly and I try to make my own jokes as well but I stayed outta that contest…and man were there some interesting responses…he knows how to get the comments rollin! However, with that being said…I have my own way of doing things and I’d like to think my way atleast in this case will give me a better shot at making some $. I want to freeroll someone in one of the two $350+$50 Deepstack Events either Event #1 or Event #7. Except I have qualifications…The first person to comment on this blog that has career earnings on of atleast $35,000 with not just 1 cash but a minimum of 4 cashes…will win the freeroll into either of the 2 events and we will split the total cash(including buy in) 50/50…just wanted to make it interesting and give someone a shot…so we’ll see what happens.

Last but not least…ESPN got a hold of me this week and apparently I should be on TV starting Day 3…Sept 7th…I am kinda anxious to see how bad they make me look on a few hands at the featured table…I played great for 6 days and had a few minor bumps at that table…but hopefully early on they show me in some hands out in the field…can’t wait to see.

I will reply to the comments as I see them…

Josh Brikis was 25th in Player of the Year in 2009. He is a member of Poker Players International Elite. Josh has amassed over 1.5 million in career earnings playing live and online under the name Brikdog24. Brikis won the $1500 WPT Prelim at Borgata for $119k in Sept. His biggest score was in 2009 at the WSOP. Josh took 2nd in the $5k 6 Max NL Event #56 for $619k. Josh has 11 cashes in the past 3 years at the WSOP including a 55th place finish in the 2010 Main Event! He has final tabled a WSOP event 3 years in a row! Check out his professional website at and follow him on Twitter @Jbrikis.

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