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WSOP Main Event

by Josh Brikis |  Published: Jul 07, '10


I decided to play day 1b of the 2010 Main Event for a few reasons. I was deep in Event #56 and played alot of hours all wknd and I wanted to party on the 4th of July since I have barely gone out. So I went out w a bunch of friends to our regular spot at ghostbar and playboy club. We had a great time and I ended up laying around all day Monday not feelin so great. Jack, Reno and I went to Nine Steakhouse and I tried to order a $100 kobe filet which they completely messed up and took off the bill. The desserts there were excellent and I will go back to try an actual filet since they decided to give me something else this time. I went right back to chillin at my place on Monday night and tried going to bed early so I was ready for Day 1. Well I laid down early but just was too excited for the main and didn’t fall asleep for a while and kept waking up thinking I was going to oversleep. I showered and ate breakfast and was fired up to play.

My first table was w an online kid Mark Pghfan and a Red Pro…Johan Storakers…who was an extremely nice guy who I talked to all day…as well as Tom Schneider who got moved to our table pretty early in the day. We spent more time talking then playing the first few levels. It was really good because it kept me from playing hands I didn’t need to play and it made the time go by really fast. I left that table w around 38k I believe. First level I was down to 24k and was a little concerned but I played some really key hands and got max value and was able to chip up before being moved over a few tables. I recognized 2 guys at my new table but man was I happy to be there instead of my first table…the rest of these guys were not good. I opened w AJ and got flatted and I cbet the J hi flop…check called the turn and led the river and got paid for value…I knew he had either QJ or KJ and it was a good spot to get value..he called 5k on the river and I boosted up to around 47k with a little time left before dinner break. A few hands later the same guy was in the BB and it folded to me on the button where I opened w KT and he flatted from the BB…flop was KT3 w 2 spades…draw heavy board and a spot where I know he wants to play back at me…I cbet 1200 and he made it 3200 w another 15k behind…I ended up jamming here and he tanked called w K5…barely a sweat at all until the 5 hit the turn…still felt good and faded the running fives…ha…so I boosted to 59k after busting him. It was the last hand before break and I open w KK to 750 @ 150/300 and get flatted by a bad player and a tight player in the cutoff and on the button, the sb (who is wearing his wsop bracelet…lol) squeezes to 4k…he has around 100k or more and I decided to flat and the bad player flatted as well. Flop was like Ten high and he snap fired 2 orange chips and I just called again..partially trapping and partially pot controlling if he somehow has AA here. Bad player folds and the turn is a blank and he snap fires 3 orange chips for 15k…I call really fast for a few reasons…I was sure if I call real fast he can check AA on the river and I would showdown KK and lose less…I know that QQ and JJ are the other hands he could have as well as the other 2 Kings…the river was another low card and he ends up checking and I would have had to jam and have him call w less than Kings to get anymore value here so I checked and he had QQ…I am up to 90k at dinner and feeling great…although thinking about the hand I could have gotten more chips on the turn possibly…but I felt he could have AA as well.

Ate dinner at Mcfaddens and the service was awful…its like they still havent communicated w the WSOP about dinner breaks…pretty pathetic but whatever. After dinner a good friend of mine got moved to my direct right…Matt Stout…he had 63k when he came and I told him it was a good table…we talked the rest of the night and both seemed to win a few hands…even getting tangled in 1 or 2 against each other…He chipped up to over 80k I believe and I stayed around what I had…and bagged 97,500 which at the time was good for top 10 or so of Day 1b…and I feel absolutely great…I get a few days off to rest and come back saturday for Day 2b w a nice stack…I can’t wait…

Josh Brikis was 25th in Player of the Year in 2009. He is a member of Poker Players International Elite. Josh has amassed over 1.5 million in career earnings playing live and online under the name Brikdog24. Brikis won the $1500 WPT Prelim at Borgata for $119k in Sept. His biggest score was in 2009 at the WSOP. Josh took 2nd in the $5k 6 Max NL Event #56 for $619k. Josh has 11 cashes in the past 3 years at the WSOP including a 55th place finish in the 2010 Main Event! He has final tabled a WSOP event 3 years in a row! Check out his professional website at and follow him on Twitter @Jbrikis.

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