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I should have stayed in bed today – literally

by Barry Shulman |  Published: Jun 04, '10


After all I have a cold. However it is WSOP time and I dragged myself down to The Rio.

Tonight I played the $1,500 limit hold’em event. I forgot how much torture you can get when you run bad at limit. At least in no limit they take you down all at once.

I had one guy probably beat me in 12 hands and only twice did he have a better start and/or flop.

Then there was the fat ugly guy at the table who proclaimed that he insists his women don’t weigh more than 120 pounds. As I was getting crushed I wondered what does he bring to the equation?

Then there was the guy who wanted to know if I remembered playing two seats from him during a tournament in 2005.

Then there was the guy (whom I know) at the next table complaining loudly for 30 minutes that the NCAA Women’s Softball was on the TV monitor.

I guess I just wasn’t in the mood.

Finally on the way up the elevator a brute of a guy loudly proclaimed how amazing it was that he had a taxi driver who remembered him from seven months ago when he brought him here from the Clark County Detention Center.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Barry Shulman is the CEO of Card Player Media, as well as a WSOP Europe main-event champion. Barry has two WSOP gold bracelets and is one of very few people who have managed to cash for over $1 million twice in the same year.

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