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CPPT VI - Golden Gates Casino

$600 No-Limit Hold'em


Day 1A Finishes With 55 Players

The Card Player Poker Tour has made its way to Black Hawk, Colorado for the inaugural stop at the Golden Gates Casino, and by all early indications, it’s already guaranteed to be a massive success. ...


PLO: Rivered Two Pair, Multiway Pot

by Andrew Brokos |  Published: Jan 11, '14


On Friday nights, when there’s generally a bigger-than-usual hold ‘em game at my local casino, they also get some PLO action going, which is nice because sitting in a $1/$3 PLO game while I wait for a seat is a lot more interesting than sitting at $1/$3 NLHE and it gives me a chance to practice and think about PLO a bit. Also the max buy-in is $500 instead of $300 so there’s a bit more money on the table.

I was going to post this one as a What’s Your Play? but frankly I’m not confident enough in my PLO game to present it as a clearly correct play. Anyway, it’s my very first hand at the table, six players limp for $3, and I check my option with Qh 9h 6c 3c.

Flop ($21 in pot) Qd 5h 4h. I check planning to evaluate the action and quite possibly raise, but it ends up checking around.

Turn ($25 in pot) Js. I check, UTG bets $15, gets two calls, and I call.

River ($85 in pot) 9c. I check, UTG bets $25, the other two fold. I raise pot, Villain folds.

Other than recognizing that my two-pair doesn’t have a lot of showdown value, this spot really doesn’t require knowing much about PLO. It just requires recognizing that Villain thinks he may have the best hand but doesn’t want to put a lot of money into the pot. After that, it’s a pretty standard spot, in any big bet game, to turn a hand with marginal showdown value into a bluff.


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4 years ago

We lose to: QJ,55,44,99,KT,T8
We beat: Q5,Q4,J5,J4,J9,[Air: missed flush draws/small straight draw]

It only makes sense to raise if his range includes 55/44. Is he checking middle and bottom set on this flop often ? Or are we really only targeting QJ ?

I think you had more showdown value then you give yourself credit for. Unless he is a total tight-weak player, his line has alot of worse 2 pairs and air in it.

If he shows up with KT combos sometimes and sets rarely, its a closer decision I think.


4 years ago

I agree the hand has some showdown value. I really don't think he's bluffing for such a small bet into three people on the river though. I also very much doubt he's using this sizing with the nuts. Even T8 seems unlikely, though not impossible. There's also a chance he folds T8 to the raise. Basically I think he folds like 90% of the time to the raise, vs my winning something like 30% at showdown by calling.


4 years ago

Based on his betting pattern and river bet sizing, what hands do you think are in his range on the river ?