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Podcast Episode 17 Featuring Ryan Hall

by Andrew Brokos |  Published: Jan 30, '13


Ryan Hall has a full-time job teaching high school in Ontario, but that hasn’t stopped him from staying on top of the MTT world for six years and counting. Ryan has amassed more than $2 million in online winnings and an FTOPS title playing mostly on weekends and school holidays. In this interview he talks to us about teaching Earth Sciences, balancing that with his family and poker career, and his brief foray into staking (including some of his former students!).

Ryan is an instructor at PokerXFactor, where the code HALL4995 will get you $70 off of your sign-up fee. You can follow him on Twitter @RGHall (NOT RyanGHall as I mistakenly said on the show).

Strategy Segment Hand History

Gareth Chantler submitted the hand for this week’s strategy segment, all the way from Chile. The game was (approximating based on exchange rates) $2/$4 no-limit hold ‘em.

Pre-Flop: UTG and UTG+1 limp. Hero overlimps UTG+2 with 88. BTN limps, SB raises to $26, BB and first two limpers fold, Hero calls, BTN calls.

Flop ($90 in pot): QQ9r. SB checks, Hero checks, BTN checks.

Turn ($90 in pot) QQ98r. SB bets $50, Hero calls, BTN folds.

River ($190 in pot) QQ98K. SB shoves for $270. Hero folds.


0:22–Hello! Should we be worried about brick-and-mortar cheats?
32:28–A no-limit hand from South America: Gareth makes a full house in a tricky situation.
1:09:01–Interview with Ryan Hall, high-school teacher and MTT expert.
2:02:21–Good-bye! Please rate and review us on iTunes.


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