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CPPT VI - Golden Gates Casino

$600 No-Limit Hold'em


CPPT Golden Gates Event Begins Friday

This Friday, the Card Player Poker Tour will make its first ever trip to Black Hawk, Colorado to the Golden Gates Casino and Poker Parlour for a $600 buy-in event that runs from Jan. 19-21. ...


Capping Ranges in Live Poker

by Andrew Brokos |  Published: Dec 04, '12


My latest poker strategy article, Capping Ranges in Live Poker, has just been published in 2+2 Magazine. Using examples from the Borgata Poker Open, I demonstrate what you can get away with when your opponents are kind enough to broadcast the upper limits of their hand strength via bet sizing and other tells:

“No-limit hold ‘em, especially when played with deep stacks, is about pressure. When your opponents make the mistake of revealing to you the upper limits of their hand strength, you can push them out by pushing them beyond that limit. Conveniently, you can also value bet all better hands with impunity. The key is to stay alert to all the signs, big and small, that your opponent isn’t thrilled about his hand.”

The topic of capped ranges is one I’ve discussed before, but not in the context of live poker, where there are so many more ways for your opponents to show you weakness. Please let me know what you think of the article!



Andrew Brokos is a professional poker player, writer, and teacher. He is also an avid hiker and traveler and a passionate advocate for urban public education. You can find dozens of his poker strategy articles at and more information about group seminars and one-on-one coaching at

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5 years ago

Andrew, I used to write you off as just an "ok" pro. Now that I have read alot of your material, including this last article, I have changed my mind about you. I really like the way you think about the game, and believe people like you have what it takes to make it in todays poker. I like your material because it almost always applies to my games, but more importantly the way you deliever it makes it understandable and (therefore) instantly applicable.