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Thinking Poker Podcast Episode 3 Featuring Jason Strasser

by Andrew Brokos |  Published: Oct 08, '12


Edit: Sorry, I didn’t properly embed the file last night. The player/download tool on this page works now. Not sure how long it will take for the change to propagate to iTunes. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Our guest this week is Jason “strassa2″ Strasser. Jason was one of the first titans of online poker. He dominated the biggest no-limit hold ‘em games, won a WCOOP, and penned (well, typed) some of the most strategically rich forum posts of the era. Now on his way to becoming a titan of finance, he talks about what made him successful at poker, how it’s helped him as an options trader, and what it feels like to sit down at the felt these days. If you’d like to read a few highlights from Jason’s ouevre, here are our recommendations:

Life is Good As a College Poker Star – This is actually a great story Jason wrote for his school newspaper.

Things That Scare Me In My Opponents – It’s worth skimming the whole thread, because Jason’s original post is short (though insightful).

You Might Win Some But You Just Lost One – If you’re not familiar with the term “shania”, there’s a link in one of the first few posts to a post that explains it further. It’s related to what we now know as “balance”.

Taking Blinds – This is my personal favorite.

The Saturday Giant provided this week’s music. You can find tour dates and download their digital album When Death Comes, including the song “Who Can Recall His Past Lives” featured on this show, at 

Finally, a note about the sound quality: it’s a bit wanting during this interview because Jason and I were both on cell phones. This is something we’re going to avoid doing in the future, and hopefully it won’t detract too much from your listening pleasure. So no need to mention that when you e-mail your comments and suggestions to – we’re on it!


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