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Erik seidel pays $5000 for a Cupcake?

by Lee Watkinson |  Published: Mar 02, '09


I just got back from playing in the WPT Celebrity event at the Commerce Casino. It enjoyed it much more than in past years. The structure was beter, Matt Savage was running the event, and they added a re-buy for a charity to help send children in Africa to College, which doubled the amount of starting chips from 10k to 20K. Mekhi Phiefer was hosting the event, or at least the charity re-buy portion and was pretty funny when he got hold of the microphone and started shaking everyone down for extra $500 donations by putting people he knew on the spot in front of everybody. Fortunately I don't know him, but Teddy "The Iceman" Monroe wasn't so lucky. This isn't word for word by any means " Theres the Iceman! Now I know your good for $1000. i know how you roll. I saw your house there on the internet." I am pretty sure The Iceman came up with a donation pretty quick cause he stopped right there.

I had a pretty tight first table. Celebrity poker has come a long way in the last few years. It used to be that the celebs were "asking how much do have to put in to keep going" and now they are talking about EV, Pottodds and how they wished that it was a cash game cause they liked to play this type hand in a cash game but not tournaments.

The only pro at my starting was Mark Seif, who sat right next to me and apparently isn't speaking to me, because of my earlier blog of which he was the subject. Still a very tight table, that I wouldn't have been very happy about drawing for the first day of the WSOP main event. I didn't know the Celebrities I started with by name, they were a couple of actors that played teenage roles.

I made the second day but donked of my chips about an hour in, so I got back in time to watch a couple of TV shows. Celebrity Apprentice was the first. I had to see how Annie Duke comes off on the show. I think she did very well, although all the women(men vs women) thought she was bossy and talked to much. I think it is very good for her that this isn't survivor where she would be voted out at first opportunity, but she did get her team running like a Italian train station under Musilini's rule, according to Joan Rivers. The Donald was very taken with Annie saying how she is strong and smart and has to be, to take large amounts of money from men at poker, some of whom he knows personally. A little sexist? Erik Seidel made a Cameo buying a $5000 cupcake, which got him two seconds of screen time and no Fulltilt patch? Annie carried the show, along with Andrew "Dice" Clay, who got fired. To bad Dice got fired, he is an ass, but very entertaining. I would have loved to see him work together with Annie on project. Can you imagine? I will be TIVOing the rest of the season as long as Annie is still in, she will make herself the center of every episode, guaranteed.

I also watched the new High Stakes Poker, which was very good. I won't put in any spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet. Besides I am tired of typing and don't want to tire you of reading.

Lee Watkinson has accumulated nearly $4 million in tournament winnings over his career. His accomplishments include a World Series bracelet in the 2006 $10,000 pot-limit Omaha event and an eighth-place finish in the 2007 WSOP main event. Lee is a Full Tilt Pro and uses his poker winnings to help a chimpanzee rescue charity. Learn more about Lee at his website,

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