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I want to re-buy, I'm not horsing around!

by Lee Watkinson |  Published: Jun 24, '08


Today I am playing the $1000 rebuy No-Limit. I will not be playing the $50k horse, I did ok in the10k mix championship, but think the rebuy is a much better choice for me. I don't play any fixed limit poker outside of the WSOP. By the way I do think this horse event is over-hyped. Limit poker is more of a "gambling game" than it is poker, when compared to deepstacked Pot Limit and No limit games. I played limit holdem to pay the rent for 13 years and hated it for 12 of them, stud is much worse.

The final table of the Pot LImit Holdem didnt go very well, I never won a real pot just picked up blinds and a few re-steals of weak opening raises to keep me about even till 4 out of the other 8 players had gone out, and never found myself in a good situation, going out fifth. I worte a whole blog, right after busting, about the key hands, but it looks like it somehow got lost in the card player system, and I don't feal like going through it again, too painful(carpal tunnel).

Played the PLO 8 or better $1500 event yesterday and didn't make the first break, in spite of donking off another $1500 the night before on Fulltilt trying to get a feal for the game. Watched a movie called "Idiocracy", on cable, after busting, thought it was pretty funny(unlike most critics). It was done by the creator of Beavis and Butthead, so if you like that kind of humor it should give you some good laughs.

I have yet to go over 1 re-buy and the add-ons this year, but may have to step it up to pick up some of the slack. As I expect Elezra, Negreanu and Ivey to wait for the 50k horse at 5pm, which should seriously reduce the total number of rebuys in the event. So perhaps I will do my part and go for a few more rebuys tomorrow.

Lee Watkinson has accumulated nearly $4 million in tournament winnings over his career. His accomplishments include a World Series bracelet in the 2006 $10,000 pot-limit Omaha event and an eighth-place finish in the 2007 WSOP main event. Lee is a Full Tilt Pro and uses his poker winnings to help a chimpanzee rescue charity. Learn more about Lee at his website,

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