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Ladies Night

by Lee Watkinson |  Published: Mar 08, '10


Last night had two big firsts for the ladies and i must say I was very happy about both results.
Firstly Annie Duke won the NBC Heads-up. Love her or hate her, everyone should be willing to admit that she is one of the very best ambassadors for the game of poker. Her win was probably the best possible outcome for TV poker. Congratulations!

The other lady, of course, was Katherine Bigelow. Her movie the Hurt Locker won best picture and she won best director. If you read my earlier blog on the subject you will know I am a very big fan of this movie.

I actually watched most of the awards show for the first time ever and thought Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were very good, enough so that I may watch again next year if they host.

I was also happy to see The Cove win best documentary. Hopefully this will bring an end to the Japanese slaughter of Dolphins. This is a national shame for them, as is there whaling fleet. I don’t know if I can actually watch the movie though, it seems like it would be too disturbing and I already know the story.

I saw the EPT Berlin was robbed. Was this in an actual casino? Why was it robbed late in the tournament wouldn’t it make more sense to rob it right after registration? Did they keep all the money there or were the robbers just idiots? I haven’t really worried about someone trying to knock of a poker tournament I was at since the WSOP left Binions. I must admit I was amused when I finished second in the PLO championship there in 2004, in which I chopped the money with Ted Lawson, and they simply split the prize(real cash money) on the table and walked us down the stairs at 4am. It is amazing nothing happened all those years.

Lee Watkinson has accumulated nearly $4 million in tournament winnings over his career. His accomplishments include a World Series bracelet in the 2006 $10,000 pot-limit Omaha event and an eighth-place finish in the 2007 WSOP main event. Lee is a Full Tilt Pro and uses his poker winnings to help a chimpanzee rescue charity. Learn more about Lee at his website,

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over 11 years ago

wow really? i thought this movie was a huge snooze...really, really aweful when you consider the competition...looks like Lee is as ignorant as the acadamy


over 11 years ago

always enjoy your blogs. Ignore the other comment. As for the EPT Berlin, I had some friends playing some side events, and it was taking place in a ballroom at a hotel in the city center. As for the timing, it was toward the end of registration for the High Roller event, so there was a good amount to steal, but they "only" ended up with about 800k Euros, having dropped a number of bags.


over 11 years ago

That's hilarious they split the money on the table. What did you do with all the cash? Put it in your trunk. Lol.


over 11 years ago

It amazes me how people can totally forget about the astronomical statistical odds Duke overcame to win...

A10 versus AA...she is wonderful..when she beat all the guys years ago during some WSOP champions event she was extremely lucky on several hands and had no right winning the whole thing.

LUCK is a colossal aspect of poker..I don't care what anyone says..idiots win all the time.


over 11 years ago



over 11 years ago

the stock market is doing well, did everyone jump back in at the begining of 2009, if you did you've made almost all of your losses back from the downturn, you might even be back ahead of where you was at before the 08 downturn! ,,,,,,,,,,, the ones who have done best are the ones who did'nt panic and did'nt sell anything at a huge loss, the few people that did that are way ahead of the others!


over 11 years ago

Some T.O.C. event??? It was 2004 right after the WSOP Main and it was $2M winner-take-all, one-table SnG with the likes of Doyle, Johnny, PHil, Daniel, Howard, (new champ) Greg Raymer, oh yeah and a guy named Ivey; just to name a few. She beat Howard with 66 vs. his 77, but that's nothing new since she always holds over Bub. I cannot recall any major suckouts on her part other than that and it was a fantastic win on her part. Until Oberstad's win at the WSOPE, it was the highest single prize for a female in tourney poker history. "my 2 cents".

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