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BADUGI vs No-limit 2-7

by Lee Watkinson |  Published: Nov 04, '10


I just played BADUGI for the first time in my life(5 cent 10 cent on Full Tilt). Sick sick game, and not in a good way, not even sure if I would call it poker. Just hope I don’t get addicted.

I do, however, think I will be playing a lot of 2-7 NL on Full Tilt in the near future, now that they have added most all the draw games. Now, that is a sick game, in a good way, and I look forward to learning it cheaply online rather then once or twice a year at the WSOP at $10k a pop.

I am also looking forward to playing a bunch of the new draw events in the upcoming FTOPS, which begins Nov. 10th. Speaking of the FTOPs I am happy to be hosting event #8 $500 pot limit omaha 6max. There will also be some very juicy satellites into all the FTOP events that I look forward to grinding.

I wrote a blog about a year ago advising players not to hold too much of their poker winnings in the US dollar and suggesting gold and silver as other options . Since then gold is up 25% and silver 50% and yesterday they announced they continue printing up dollars at a fast pace which means the dollar will only continue rapidly losing it’s value. As I said in the earlier blog, I believe all the other currencies will follow the dollar down.

Of course, this doesn’t mean buy gold from any of those companies that advertise on TV, they are all rip-offs. Shop around and do some research.

I just started twitter. Please follow me @Leewat.

Lee Watkinson has accumulated nearly $4 million in tournament winnings over his career. His accomplishments include a World Series bracelet in the 2006 $10,000 pot-limit Omaha event and an eighth-place finish in the 2007 WSOP main event. Lee is a Full Tilt Pro and uses his poker winnings to help a chimpanzee rescue charity. Learn more about Lee at his website,

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10 years ago

"well lee you got dirty harry in using union thugs to bus in a bunch of casino illegal workers. good job. bad news you lost dina the southern belle and all the chairs in the house. guess what all gaming legislation starts in the house. have a nice time until 2012 when obummer is put back into the hood on the southside with the rev. wright"

Harry won because Sharron was too stupid to see that the many casino workers not seen by the general public - cooks, dishwashers, maids etc were Hispanic voters! Ditto California!
That's why Meg isn't Governor (fire that housekeeper) and Carly isn't Senator. (Ship those jobs to China!)
When are you rightwing nut jobs going to learn that the section of the electorate you belong to is shrinking! 2012?

I expect most states will have three candidates on the ballot in 2012 - OBAMA, REPUBLICAN, and TE PARTY! Good luck winning that three horse race!


10 years ago

Of course, this doesn’t mean buy gold from any of those companies that advertise on TV, they are all rip-offs.


True. The way to buy is spot price plus a premium. Whoever charges the smallest premium -- and is reliable -- buy from them.

Ten years ago I bought silver American Eagles from Affordable Jewelry and Precious Metals ( The service was good and I think the price was among the best out there. I paid $10 apiece, now they're worth $25-30.


10 years ago

Charlie Munger on investing in gold, "I don't have the slightest interest in gold. I like understanding what works and what doesn't in human systems. To me that's not optional; that's a moral obligation. If you're capable of un...derstanding the world, you have a moral obligation to become rational. And I don't see how you become rational hoarding gold. Even if it works, you're a jerk."


10 years ago

I'm not saying the very rich like Munger should invest their money in gold. For Munger it would be hoarding.For most of the rest of us it is putting something away for emergencies or retirement that we don't want destroyed through inflation.
Most of us poker players understand mostly poker. I just happen to also understand that the dollar must devalue.
Of course I would rather see someone invest there money in developing nuclear cars or something, if they can afford to do that without putting themselves at risk.

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