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DOYLISM OF THE DAY: "Be who you are and say what you feel. Because those that...

by Doyle Brunson |  Published: Nov 13, '08


DOYLISM OF THE DAY: "Be who you are and say what you feel. Because those that matter…don't mind and those that mind…don't matter!"

My daughter called me about a thread on 2 2 about me voting for McCain. According to some of them, I'm a racist and am going to hell because I did so. What a sick topic on which to start a thread on a public forum. First, I'm about as far away from being a racist as you can get. I've had black friends all my life, and I mean really good friends. That was back before it was "fashionable" to have blacks as friends. And if I go to hell, it won't be because I voted McCain. I guess it was only Democrats that posted and they blasted me for being a Republican. They said I betrayed poker and I'm supporting the UIGEA. That's a joke. Did anyone hear either candidate take a firm position on internet gambling? I didn't and I sent e-mails and phoned both Obama & McCain camps and never got an answer.

Hopefully the Democrats will reverse everything, but I guess these posters think that none of their senators voted for the UIGEA. They say Obama is a poker player. Has anyone seen him play? Has anyone seen him on the inside of a casino? Supposedly, John McCain shot craps for 30 hours in a Las Vegas casino and I heard he said internet gambling wasn't a priority of his. McCain isn't George W. Bush and that is how everybody judged him. I knew when I voted that Obama was going to win the election. I enjoy pulling for the underdog and one reason I backed McCain is I enjoyed the friendly e-mails and banter with my friends. Daniel Negreanu, Jennifer Harman, Eric Seidel and Howard Lederer and I verbally sparred for the past months.

I'm not backing off from supporting McCain but I'm not entirely against Obama, either. McCain is a genuine American hero and has experience and leadership qualities. I was concerned about Reverend Wright, Obama's spiritual leader for 20 years, Obama's inexperience and his choice of association with controversial people. Anyone who doesn't share those concerns are lacking in brain cells. However, he is our president-elect. By the way, did any of you 2 2 posters go to any of the fundraisers for the politicians that were pro-gambling? I did, I went to every one of them and gave as much money that was allowed and supported each and every one of them. I also support the PPA and do everything I can to help their cause. So how did I betray poker?

Kudos to Hoyt Corkins, DoylesRoom online poker, Hogs and Heifers and Harley Davidson for their great charity tournament at the new Harley Davidson showroom in Red Rock. Over 6,000 people showed up and the bikers with their chicks came from everywhere. The guys in their leather coats and caps, bandanas and Levis made quite an impression on me. Some of those dudes looked really mean, but all of the ones I talked to seemed like nice guys. GreasieWheels put the tournament together and did a phenomenal job. The charity, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation got a nice check. Be sure and go to it next year.


Doyle "Tex Dolly" Brunson is a 10-time WSOP bracelet winner, best-selling author, and is known worldwide as the father of modern poker. His list of poker accomplishments and awards are endless.

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