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DOYLISM OF THE DAY: "Whether a man winds up with a nest egg or a goose egg depends on what...

by Doyle Brunson |  Published: Feb 15, '08


DOYLISM OF THE DAY: "Whether a man winds up with a nest egg or a goose egg depends on what kind of chick he marries."

I called a friend of mine and asked him to come to Bobby's Room and start a two-thousand/four-thousand limit poker game. There were two out-of-town high rollers wanting to play. "I can't, my wife wants to go see a movie," my friend told me. I understand a man who has to get along with his family but if you are a professional poker player as my friend was, you have to play when the opportunity presents itself. I've been with the same woman for forty-five years and she has never tried to keep me from going to play. She understands that is my job and to pay the bills I have to be away a lot. In the early years back in Texas, I was gone from home over half the time. We had two small babies and Louise was a registered working pharmacist. When Todd was born in 1969 she quit work for good which meant I had to stay on the road a lot. So my advice to all aspiring poker pros is to choose your mate wisely.

I've never watched poker shows. I think because they make me look like an old, fat, bald-headed cripple. Oh, wait a minute, that's what I am isn't it :)

I accidentally tuned in on High Stakes Poker on GSN and I was absolutely fascinated by what I saw. This show isn't a tournament; it is a real cash game where the players can buy more chips when they want and quit when they want. Also, the ante and blinds never go up. I sometimes wonder how I came off a cotton farm in Texas to where I am today. After watching that show every night for the past month, I can understand it. Most of these so-called poker stars can't play a lick! It is almost embarrassing to watch how badly they play. There are a few that I would call winning players but the bad players far outnumber them. Tournaments don't really teach you fundamental concepts and that is all most of them do - never playing what I call real poker. I think I have played eleven times since HSP started and have yet to have a losing session.

Another thing I don't understand is the behavior of some of the players. In my opinion, many of them make fools of themselves by their conduct. The viewing public seems to like it though so I guess that justifies it in their mind. I never use two Doylisms in one blog but one comes to mind… seems that Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, and "Sheiky" fit this one perfectly. "They are self-made men. And they love their creator".

I have to add one more as I am in a sadistic mood tonight….."It is better to be silent and thought of as a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." -DB

Doyle "Tex Dolly" Brunson is a 10-time WSOP bracelet winner, best-selling author, and is known worldwide as the father of modern poker. His list of poker accomplishments and awards are endless.

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