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DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “In a curious way, age is simpler than youth, for it has so fewer options.”

by Doyle Brunson |  Published: Sep 23, '10


Finally back home from Montana. Nobody but me will ever know how much I needed that three weeks away from everything. For the 1st time in my life, I felt like I was about to crack. I hadn’t had a real vacation like this in 5-6 years and I really enjoyed it. I think my poker was affected by my work ethic over the past years and I’m looking forward to a good finish for 2010 and then having a banner year in 2011.

For the lack of anything better to do in Montana, I jotted down what I did and thought each day. It is a tongue-in-cheek thing but oh, so much truth in it.

Day 1. “What a beautiful place. Trees, water, blue skies everywhere. Wow, why did I ever leave the country?”

Day 2. “Went fishing today. Caught 8 big lake trout. Threw all back except the one I kept for supper. Great day!”

Day 3. “I’ve got 50 some odd fruit trees on my places here. Apples, cherries, apricots and pears. Nice fruit and delicious.”

Day 4. “The wolves and cougars may be thinning the deer but there were 4 whitetails in my yard this morning. They are really cute and man, can they jump.”

Day 5. “Tons of good restaurants around the Flathead Lake. Don’t know where they get their cooks, but they are superb.”

Day 6. “Todd and Anjela, Pam & Cheryl, my grandson Jeff and his wife Angie and their two kids come by for dinner every night. Nothing like family.”

Day 7. “Todd’s Montana Challenge poker tournament was tonight. I’ll go play with these nice folks.”

Day 8. “Went riding in my pontoon boat and Sea Doo today. Rode my Rhino up to the top of a  mountain I own. Terrific views.”

Day 9. “Rained all day so I stayed home, opened a bottle of wine and chilled out all day. Temperature got down to 38.”

Day 10. “Went over to a 40 acre ranch we owned. We have a few Texas Longhorns and I stepped in a big pile of cow shit. Noooo I’m beginning to remember why I left the country.”

Day 11. “The fruit trees are dropping apples, cherries, etc all over the place. Maybe I’ll cut the stupid things down.”

Day 12. “Family wanted to go fishing. Bunch of dummies, who wants to handle those slimy things again?”

Day 13. “There isn’t an In and Out’er anywhere. This food is beginning to suck. You can’t live on grits and biscuits and gravy forever.”

Day 14. “Started to ride the Rhino up to Glacier Park then thought about how dangerous those things are. Didn’t Phil Laak almost get killed on one of those things?”

Day 15. “Freaking deer are tearing my yard up. A big black bear is coming everyday and eating the apples. Where is my rifle?”

Day 16. “Went to one of these small towns around the lake. I’ll swear I saw Goober, Gomer and Barney by the barbershop. Gotta get out of Mayberry.”

Day 17. “Went to dinner with the entire family. Constant battling about absolutely nothing. Can these people really be related to me?”

Day 18. “Called the airline and can’t get out for four more days. Going into survival mode!”

I’m going to Texas tomorrow to see my folks and go to my 60th high school reunion. We have had a reunion every 5 years since 1955. Lots of great friends and we have stayed in touch all these years. This will probably be our last one so I sure don’t want to miss seeing my old classmates one more time. Out of a graduating class of just over 100, we expect 40 or more will be attending. Pretty good when we have lost more than 30 out of our class. Our class president was Jack Scott who is a state senator in California. He will be our keynote speaker at our banquet. Afterwards, I’m coming back to play some damn good poker!

My heart is absolutely breaking for Chip and Katrina Jett who lost a four year old son in an accident. Everyone gives their condolences and says they know how they feel, but unless you have lost a son or daughter, no one knows. I lost my first born over 25 years ago and I still hurt everyday. So when I say to the Jett’s I know how you feel, I really do and I’m hurting for you. R.I.P. Apollo Jett.


Doyle "Tex Dolly" Brunson is a 10-time WSOP bracelet winner, best-selling author, and is known worldwide as the father of modern poker. His list of poker accomplishments and awards are endless.

Any views or opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the ownership or management of


11 years ago

Wow, This is the first time that I read your blog and I am so ashamed of you. First you are enjoying how blessed you are with the fishing fruit and deer. Then BAM You hate everything. Why don't you just put a gun to your head and end your misery of your fortune. Wow this blows me away. Won't be reading your blog anymore, like you care of course. Maybe we should look forward to your passing news. I am sure there are thousnds of people who would trade you for your fortune instead of risking their ives in the war or dying of cancer. You are such a arigont slob. Im sure Chip and Jet woould give anything to be in your shoes enjoying your complaints of nature instead of burying their son. I will pray for them.
I think you are getting to old to enjoy life. Why don't you just give it up.


11 years ago



11 years ago

Are you too stupid to see it was set up as a running joke? Pretty funny I thought.


11 years ago

I think the first part about the good and then the bad is humor, you remember humor, dam shannon get over your self.


11 years ago

The thing about responding to blogs is that you have the right to say whatever you want. I would like to say to Shannon1133 that you are an idiot.


11 years ago

I think Shannon needs to go google the term toungue in cheek. How could you not read that as sarcasm?
Shannon I think you are too dense to enjoy life. Maybe YOU should just give up


11 years ago

WOW! Shannon what an idiot! I think first 3 who responded said it well enough, go jump in a lake! You can't be serious.


11 years ago

don't think I've ever witnessed such a classic example of ignorance.

to say to Doyle (the nicest guy on the tour) that he is hateful, and then turn around and pure evil, evil bile on him is complete and utter mind numbing ignorance.

The world will be a better place if Shannon isn't in it.



11 years ago

Could shannon1133 be the new username for texasroadgambler? Same lack of sense of humor, and same idiotic liberal philosophy ( which damns anyone who has wealth and owns land, etc. ) By the is the election going for you texasturdgobler???????


11 years ago

If you read Shannon 1133's post a 2nd time, you will see just how ignorant and poorly educated the poster really is, so it's not surprising that a perverted sense of what's right and wrong, would be so clearly misunderstood. Not only are there numerous grammar errors, but Chip's wife is misnamed(Jet). To take Doyle to task, and show such disrespect, can mean only one thing---You are a LOSER in every aspect of life!


11 years ago

The level of discourse here has really degraded. Sorry to hear about anyone losing their kid. I have two and cannot imagne the agony that would bring. I hope they can find some healing soon.


11 years ago

Hope you enjoy your reunion in Texas. Doyle.

I went to my 30 a few months back and really enjoyed it and seeing my mom and dad who are getting up there in age adn who live down in Bryan/College station. It was great visitng the old haunts again. I figure this kind of thing is good for the soul.

The lone star state has that high humidity that I havent come to miss especially down in the SE part of the state where Im from.

But it was good to get back to my home in southern nevada where Ive lived for 12 odd years now.

Im confident you will feel the same when you get back here ansd back in the saddle again... so to speak


11 years ago

Agree with danoman56

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