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DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”

by Doyle Brunson |  Published: Jul 05, '10


Bets for Daniel

I actually think Daniel, you need to change medications because I think you have lost it when it comes to these bets. But you certainly have your six world beaters I’ve never heard of against my three great old timers. But again, my old pal Titanic Thompson used to tell me that difference in opinion is what makes good gambling.  Would your bunch be interested in coming by Bobby’s Room and give us some lessons afterwards?  They have to leave their poker tracking, HUDs, etc at home though.

No, I wouldn’t bet on Dewey Tomko in golf against someone I didn’t know. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out that I know there are plenty of golfers that can beat Dewey that I don’t know. However, I don’t believe there are very many players better than three proven world champions. Our bets are won on the amount of money cashed in the main event. Win or lose, I’ll be glad to be on my team any place, any time. It will be fun, we will work out how much we are betting.

1st Bet

My team is:

Todd Brunson
Hoyt Corkins
Dewey Tomko
Zach Clark
Steve Gross
Amit Makhija
Alex Kamberis
Chris Moorman
Dani Stern
Daniel Kelly
Faraz Jaka
David Sands
Michael Martin

Dan’s team is:

Jason Mercier
Dan Negreanu
Joe Hachem
Elky Grospellier
Ivan Demidov
Will Thorson
JP Kelly
Jose Barbero
Lex Velduis
Jude Ainsworth
Arnaud Mattern

Daniel needs to add 2 more PS players. In the event everyone doesn’t start, we take players from the bottom of the list until we have an equal number of starteres

2nd Bet

I have:

Johnny Chan
Phil Hellmuth
Barry Greenstein

Dan  has:

Bill Reynolds
Will Molson
Tom Marchese

3rd Bet

I have:

John Chan
Phil Hellmuth
Barry Greenstein

Dan has:

Vivek Rajkunar
Jason Somerville
Richard Lyndaker

I just got word that Daniel Kelly won the $25k tournament. That’s 1,300,00 for a 21 year old kid and it officially makes him the newest member of the Brunson 10.

Way to go Daniel!

Yes, I know I left myself off our team. My mouth hurts from all the dental work, my leg hurts, my back hurts, etc. I’ve been around long enough to know I’m not playing my best right now so I’m not going to let my ego hurt my team’s chances. I need a few weeks of rest in Montana.


Doyle "Tex Dolly" Brunson is a 10-time WSOP bracelet winner, best-selling author, and is known worldwide as the father of modern poker. His list of poker accomplishments and awards are endless.

Any views or opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the ownership or management of


12 years ago

It seems like you have some respect for the young kids because your Brunson Ten is filled with talented young players.


12 years ago

Doyle, ya know what's gonna happen to you? Since you are physically feeling lousy, you're gonna end up playing 12 days of Main Event poker to further punish you body, then you can chill until we are playing in the November Nine together, :) , c-ya there.....GIT UP A GIT GIT GIT GIT DOWN THREE ONE ONE IS ABOUT TO THROW DOWN!!!!


12 years ago

Hey Doyle,
Those Titantic Thompson cons are ever the equal of HUD. I like your mix in this battle, especially with the all-in home run man, Corkins. Are you going to be on the "Big Game" show again, soon? I know that Negreanu fella will won't to be seated with you for another round. Watch out for the loose cannon!
Get well!


12 years ago

Geez Striker, it sounds like you are getting obsessed with me too, but I already have a wife (who is driving me to the airport as we speak so I can play day 1C tomorrow) so thanks for the offer, oh hey Striker are you and Michael Bernstein playing any ladies events this, your in his league now, both a couple of girls.


12 years ago

Who is obsessed with who loser? I feel sorry for your wife. she is relegated to a man whose only means of providing a real living are poker pipe dreams and getting paid $100 per day to wear a 311 shirt on the rail. Instead of going to vegas to get your picture taken with your favorite poker players and dumping 10 g's into the toilet, be a real man and spend it on a mortgage, or towards your children's college education heaven forbid you have any.

You shouldnt talk about being a "real man"...You stole a dead persons name, impersonated them, and speak ill of those whom you wish you were, but have never even met. If anyone is a pathetic loser on here, it is you.


12 years ago

Why do you lower yourself to get on the same level as D. Negrenu? You were the better player (and better man) before the little twerp was even hatched up in stinking Canada. Don't give him a platform.,...let him fade away, like his recent poker skills. Maybe he will move back north hopefully.


12 years ago

@ The Black Stiker
Joe Sebok .. Is that you?


12 years ago

Thanks for proving me right striker, did you save all those posts to one folder you loser, lol...ahhh such a nice day in Vegas, where the hell is Jimmy John's? Oh and some mexican just handed me a newspaper with your picture striker, $30.00 a night, cmon girl, make some money. Oh look there is Striker and Bernstein in line for the ladies room, "hi girls"


12 years ago

Showtime, how many times are you going to write to me, and say you stole a dead man's name??? You are boring me.

Just as long as you keep filling these boards with 5th grade jealousy, I will continue to call you out for STEALING A DEAD MANS NAME.

You are "Lee The STriker Chagra", right? Thought so...You should never speak about being a man if you have to go to such pathetic lengths as to steal a dead mans name. It just tells everyone that your name means nothing because you are too embarrassed to attach it to anything you say.

As far as being bored...We are all well aware of how bored you are.


12 years ago

I think that post shows us all just what a delusional human being you really are.

Your entitled to your opinion...but just know that we all realize your opinion is shaped by extreme jealousy and envy.


12 years ago

Would your bunch be interested in coming by Bobby’s Room and give us some lessons afterwards? They have to leave their poker tracking, HUDs, etc at home though.

Lol... classic. None of them would be anything without all the technology that gives them an unfair advantage.

Tear 'em up Dolye!

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