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Halfway Down the Stairs

by Padraig Parkinson |  Published: Sep 21, '09


Lots of people like to watch a good train crash so it’s not surprising that the YouTube hand where DeWolfe manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by mucking the winning hand in the showdown (actually only half a showdown) has been watched by zillions. It might only be millions because I know lots of people who are sick enough to watch this kind of thing several times.

I saw something quite similar in Galway recently. A guy came into the club on the night of the Guinness Hurdle and it was clear to the manager that it might be better for all concerned if he went home and got a bit of sleep and came back the next day. The guy didn’t agree and took a swing at him. This didn’t do his case an awful lot of good and he was immediately escorted off the premises.

It didn’t take as long as it should have because the guy missed out on several steps on his way down the stairs. Actually, it wasn’t really several, it was practically all of them. He seemed to think that it wasn’t his fault and returned a while later, accompanied by a couple of policemen who probably had better things to be doing with their time.

The police interviewed several members of the staff as the guy seemed to think he’d been pushed and wanted to press charges. It looked like it might get a little bit messy until the guy’s case fell apart. He was standing in the street, talking to one of the cops when a girl who obviously knew him happened to be walking by. She took one look at the situation and said “Come home Johnny for God sake, you’re always getting into trouble when you’ve had a few drinks!” That was the end of that pot.

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