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Greenstein For Hall Of Fame? What A Joke!

by Padraig Parkinson |  Published: Oct 18, '11


I love the whole Hall Of Fame thing. It’s always good for a giggle when the nominations are announced. There’s usually a nice mix of – Oh yeah that makes sense, How did he get there? and What the **** are they thinking about? The last category is the best fun by far. It’s usually made up of lifetime cheats, thieves, chip passers and people you wouldn’t give your credit card details to if you needed them to call you an ambulance and your life depended on it.

Somehow or other, Barry Greenstein is one of this year’s nominees and, at a time when poker is reeling from the actions of the enemy within, we could have done without a new scandal. It’s a crying shame (and a surprise to me) that he is not in already but at least we can do something about it which is more than we can do about the other **** that’s gone down.

Apart from being a great player and ambassador Barry has used his poker prowess to make the world a better place. They should frame him! I really like Barry’s quick wit. We were playing together in Atlantic City one day when I asked the waitress if she had any tablets that might help me out with my headache. She said she didn’t but said she could get me a Diet Coke instead. Barry immediately informed me that diet coke was the new chicken soup!

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over 10 years ago

Padraig's got it nailed; Greenstein should have been voted in a long time ago.


over 10 years ago

Barry will be inducted this year, as he should be.

But Padraig, I am curious about your comment that " least we can do something about it..."

Just what is it that you believe that you or anyone reading your blog can do about it unless they are already HOF members who have a vote and the select media group that also have a vote?

BTW, the voting closed yesterday, the day of your post.

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