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Pride Is A Deadly Sin And God Is Watching

by Padraig Parkinson |  Published: Sep 23, '11


After my Late Night Poker heat, [Rory] Liffey and I went into Cardiff to drown my sorrows. We were joined in the hotel bar by some of my favourite poker people: John Duthie, Simon Trumper, Barny Boatman, and Devilfish.

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of sick thoughts go through the mind of post office workers just before they enter their work place and waste every poor bastard in sight, you obviously haven’t heard Barny explaining how he blew 10 large with bottom pair with a 5 kicker against top two. Liffey bravely tried to salvage something from the wreckage by purchasing some of Simon’s action but we forgot to tell Sam who knocked him out in the final two days later. Merde! The Devilfish was ordering drinks all round and putting them on the production company’s bill. One or two unscrupulous individuals took advantage and ordered rounds before pointing in The Fish’s direction and muttering that it was down to him. I feel I should state for the record that I played no part in this reprehensible behaviour and only drank what was put in front of me because I was afraid to speak up.

Duthie felt a little guilty after he slipped two eggs Benedict onto my bar bill, so he told us a poker story I will never forget. Player A was on tilt in a 5-10 hold’em game in a London casino. The good news is he had 25K in front of him. The bad news is he was in for 40k. Player B had 1K on the table and was busy trying to impress Player C with tales of how much money he had. Player C was unimpressed and yawned. Player B wasn’t to be treated so disrespectfully and whipped out 25K worth of chips from another casino and asked if anyone could change them for him. Player A would have killed his own family to get more money on the table and happily obliged even though in truth he knew that Player B was a good solid player and no value at all. Player B slapped the whole lot on the table and stared at Player C who got on with drinking his cup of tea. He was still on the same cup when 10-8-2 [rainbow] flopped. Player B held 8-8 and gleefully got the lot in against Player A who could have had just about anything but actually held 10-10! Player B broke the all-comers record as he ran from the table to the door, Player A stacked the chips and Player C finished his tea, possibly oblivious to the fact that it was all his fault but I doubt it!

Padraig is currently involved with Jesse May in hosting Irish Pub Poker Tours for medium-sized corporate groups. For info you can contact him on Twitter @padraigpoker.

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