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Onward Through The Fog

by Padraig Parkinson |  Published: Dec 12, '10


My father spent his money sending me to college to study economics but what with being very busy doing this and that I didn’t have the time to learn very much, especially economics. Personally, I blame the guy who told me about the all-day poker game in the junior common room but maybe that’s a bit harsh. One of the few things I did learn was that in recessionary times people tend to play super tight and save rather than spend which I gather is considered unhelpful to say the least.

At the recent Winter Festival in Dublin I was in the bar at about two in the afternoon in the Burlington having a quiet drink with a friend of mine.Well known Irish pro TC (the T is for Tony) and a couple of friends of his were nearby doing the same (except for the quiet bit). I hoped these guys weren’t spending too much on their hotel accommodation as they gave the impression they hadn’t been wasting too much of their valuable time on sleeping and stuff like that. After a while TC had a word in the barman’s ear and a few minutes later he arrived back with a bottle of Moet and five glasses.When I asked TC what exactly we were celebrating he laughed and told me that he’d only lost five grand the previous week and the way things were going for him that was a blinding result! I wish someone from the government had been there to witness this performance as they might have decided that, instead of using the IMF’s money to bail out the wankers (rhymes with bankers) who got us into this shit, they should bankroll a bunch of TCs and send them around the country to spend a few quid ⎯ We’d be off our knees in no time at all.

Tell Them Nothing

The Irish might not be the brightest bulbs in the chandelier but after more than 800 years dealing with the Brits even we worked out that if an English guy asks you a question it generally means he’s looking for information, so company policy became to either say nothing or tell a lie. Either was good.We are all pals again now especially after they gave us a few billion to waste after we went skint.

Day 1 of the excellent PokerStars sponsored IPC in Galway was postponed for a day due to inclement weather conditions. Everyone was delighted as it’s impossible not to enjoy a day off in Galway. The sponsors did put on a €10,000 freeroll for those who didnt know how to entertain themselves. A few hours before the freeroll started England’s Paul Marrow (we consider him family) was in the cardroom and on seeing a few guys playing asked what the game was. They told him it was a satellite for the freeroll. Old habits die hard!

A Good Recovery

On the drive back from Galway to Dublin Mr. Marrow was telling Dara O’Kearney and I about his first visit to our capital city. He came over with 23 other guys ⎯ I think a football match was the excuse. On their first morning in town they had breakfast and then went for a walk. They soon came upon a pub and as the door was open decided God had decided they should have a pint or two. As they entered a voice from under the bar shouted, “We’re not open yet.” Then a face appeared above bar level and, on seeing 24 thirsty customers, he immediately said, “But you can have a drink while youre waiting if you like.”

Padraig is currently involved with Jesse May in hosting Irish Pub Poker Tours for medium-sized corporate groups. For info you can contact him on Twitter @padraigpoker.

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