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In Cyprus, Ready to Play

by Roy Winston |  Published: Sep 04, '09


Somehow Layne and I made it to Cyprus today for the WPT event, which begins this week. Let’s just say it was an interesting trip. Layne was supposed to come to NY City for a couple of days before we left but he slept through an alarm or two and missed a flight or two and flew in the afternoon our flight was leaving for Cyprus from JFK by way of London.

The only flight he could get from Vegas changed planes in Dallas and arrived into NY at 4:20pm for our 6:25 departure to London, not too bad you say, but old Layne flew into LaGuardia and had to collect his bag and cab it over to JFK during rush hour. As you might of guessed he missed that flight as well, but grabbed one an hour later and we had a long enough layover in London that we finally caught up. The really bad news for Layne is that the airline upgraded us to 1st class for the flight, which he missed, and wound up going coach. I know a good friend might have waited in NY, but I took the first class seat and the bed and good meal and didn’t look back. Heck I didn’t even feel guilty.

We landed at Larnaca airport on the Greek side of Cyprus and crossed to the Turkish side about 50 minutes into the ride, and 30 minutes later arrived at the resort. Checking in I ran into Huck Seed and David Bach, as well as several dealers and floor people from the Bellagio. It is really nice to see some familiar faces when far from home. After dumping the stuff in the room and cranking up the A/C I went for a walk around the joint as the sun was setting. It was really a beautiful sunset here on the Mediterranean with the waves and the beach. I then went to the cash room where several mid sized no limit games were underway. Seemed like a lot of action and I didn’t recognize 1 player. There was smoking in the cash room which I really hate. The tournament room is down stairs and is really very nice. The tables are good sized and look European, with comfortable chairs. There are several satellites running and a $540 tournament about to start. If I feel strong I might play a little tonight.

I am going to grab dinner and decide. Will let you know how it went tomorrow.

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over 13 years ago

Let's make the NO SMOKING RULE a world-wide universal WPT rule. You want the business, you follow the rule. NUFF SAID.


over 13 years ago

N Cyprus does ban smoking at indoor public places, just nobody pays attention to it because they'd go broke.

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