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Interesting River play at The Commerce

by Roy Winston |  Published: May 17, '08


It was another good day at The Commerce yesterday. Excellent action, and all the peripherals that helps make The Commerce what it is. While playing you can have all the free food that you can stand from a wide choice of Asian and American menu items. One of the things I really like is to get a massage while playing and their therapists are readily available and relatively reasonably priced compared to other places. So now you're eating and getting massaged and all you have to do is play poker. There was one very interesting situation yesterday, where one player whom I have seen around for about a year, was playing in our 20/40 no limit holdem game and generally losing slowly, but continuously. He is a weak passive player and calls a lot. He is the kind of player who always sees monsters in the closet. He was playing a big hand against a solid player and on the river with about $4,000 in the pot the weak player bets $2,000 and looks scared. Now the board has something for everybody, there is 3 to a flush, straights, and a pair. After about 15 seconds, and with his opponent not yet acting the weak passive guy announces he has a small flush and begins to turn over his hand. The other player says wait I haven't acted yet. At which point he looks petrified, like a deer in the head lights. The player then after about a minute say's raise and pushes $5,500 into the pot. The first player looks even more prostrate and finally folds after a bit of mumbling to himself. He then gets up and leaves. The other player looks at me and smiles saying I had absolutely nothing. I asked him if the other guy stayed quiet what would you have done, he said mucked. It was interesting to watch, seeing a highly skilled player smell weakness like a shark smells blood in the water and win a good pot.

I am off to play the 1.5k event here today, so more later.

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