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Another Weekend at The Commerce

by Roy Winston |  Published: May 16, '08


Yesterday my good friend and golf nemesis Matt Savage stopped by and convinced me to go to Manila for the APT event at the end of next week. I wanted to relax before the WSOP so what better way than to fly to the other side of the world and play poker.

This weekend I am at The Commerce in LA to play in there Saturday 2.5k event. I have to say that arriving at last night and walking around The Commerce always feels like coming home. Wow, that's scary but it really is the house of poker. There's always lots of action and many familiar faces, which is both the good and bad news (only kidding). I feel like The Commerce is my house and I have home field advantage; that was until Kenny Tran sat down in the game. I played 20/40 NLH for a while in the must move game, waiting for the main game which was a good game. We were 3 handed and Kenny played an interesting hand against a weak passive player that I thought I would share with you. This guy was a calling station and played almost every hand. He limped UTG + 1 and Kenny raised on the button to 220 and he called. The flop came K 10 4 and Kenny bet 500 and the other guy called. The turn brought another K, the initial limper bet 900 and Kenny stared at him for several minutes seeming to look into his soul. Kenny finally called and the river brought a 2, the other player moved all in for 1,200 and Kenny called showing AA, the limper showed K 7. The three of us made it into the main game pretty quickly and this guy played 54 off suit and flopped 2 fives to crack another guy's aces and double up, then flopped the nut straight twice against a player and doubled up twice.

He worked an initial buy in of about $2,500 up to $20,000 with some of the luckiest play I have seen in some time. The good news is I didn't contribute and went to bed about even. Today will be more of the same, I might play a single table satellite for Saturday's event.

To give you some more information about the collaborative effort of Michael Binger and myself we will be offering final table services beginning with the WSOP events and some limited private instruction throughout the WSOP, with our full rollout of services starting after the series. We are excited about what we see as a way to bring more players to the game and offer game improvement to those interested. I will run through more specifics in the next few days.

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