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WSOP Final Table

by Roy Winston |  Published: May 02, '08


So I just landed in Philadelphia on my way to Atlantic City and I have 30 emails concerning the change in the final table date for the WSOP main event. All I can say is wow. Whichever marketing person came up with this one should immediately be promoted to presidential candidate. Come on now, maybe it's just an April Fool's Day joke, oh wait a minute it's May 1st. Isn't May 1st, May Day, supposed to be associated with marijuana smoking? What I know is this; the emails I received addressed a variety of concerns. Most have been against the postponed final table with two being in favor of it, citing that anything that helps poker's public relations is good for all of us. I believe that although we need more positive press for poker, this is about making money for Harrah's. The emails I received addressed a variety of issues including pressure applied to players during the intervening time. There is a disruption in the flow as well, and it will undoubtedly have an effect on the game. Others talked about possible collusion, corruption or disruption. With all of the talk one issue that hasn't been addressed and what I think is paramount is that unlike professional sports, performers, or other public events, where the money comes from sponsors, TV revenue, or the patrons themselves, poker players put up their own money for the prize pools. The casino is not putting up the prize pool, it is our money. In fact Harrah's makes a tremendous amount of money from the WSOP. If they were the financial force behind the event then I might feel a little put out by a change like this, but it would be there right to do as the felt best. However in this case it's just not right. The extra revenue generated by this change needs to be shared and distributed back to the players prize pool. If Harrah's is willing to step up and make the main event a supplemented event then I will support it as a positive change, but as it stands now I strongly oppose it.

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