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5K, Satellites, Binger, Ivey, Steve Irwin

by Roy Winston |  Published: Apr 18, '08


I played the $5,000 at the Bellagio yesterday and in the first ten minutes I picked up pocket kings and raised 4 big blinds UTG + 2. I get two callers and the flop comes 10 7 2. There is 625 in the pot and it is checked to me, I bet 750, and get one call. A 3 comes on the turn and he checks, I open with 2,800 and get an insta call from my opponent. On the river an ace comes and he again checks. I am sure he has an ace from his look and I check behind him, he of course turns over A 10, and says I guess I was behind and got lucky, but yesterday I took a bad beat so it's all even now. I manage a wry smile and do my best to keep quiet. Not long after I look down at A Q on the button and there were two limpers with the blinds at 100-200 I make it 1,100 to go. I get one caller who is directly on my right. The flop comes Q 7 3. He checks and I bet 2,700 into a 2,700 pot. He hesitates and plays with his chips for a bit and calls. I was certain he was on a flush draw. On the turn a 6 falls and he again checks it to me. I know I'm ahead and I want to charge him for his draw and I have only 5,700 left so I move all in. He thinks for only a short time and calls. He shows J 2. Of course he makes his flush on the river.

I then play a single table satellite for the $25,000 main event. These are $3,000 buy in single tables where you start with 15,000 in chips with 20 minute blinds. 1st place is a seat in the main event and second is $4,000. I was completely card dead but did manage to survive to 4th place. I went out with 99 vs. KQ and lost the race. I decided to play one more and managed to win this one.

I would like to say congratulations to Michael Binger who won the last 5k event and has moved up to 2nd place in the player of the year race. As some of you know Michael and I have collaborated in Card Player the magazine, and our first piece debuted yesterday. As I left the Bellagio yesterday I ran into Michael at the valet waiting for his car. He just busted out of the 5k and discussed his last hand with me. He was concerned that he played it badly, and was somewhat down on himself. I said "hey you won yesterday, have been consistently cashing for the two past years in the toughest fields, and are one of the top tournament players in the game, how about you give yourself a break." It is this drive that makes him great. He is always looking to improve his game. He then asked me for some money for a valet tip, although he won almost $400,000 the day before. I think he is one of the great players in the game today and will over the years to come, continue to produce great results. He and I do have a bet for the upcoming WSOP; number of cashes, final tables and wins. Unlike the monstrous prop bets that guys like Ivey and Forrest make, we bet a dinner on each one.

Speaking of Phil Ivey I did watch him shoot dice for a few minutes last night and was totally amazed. He had his own private craps table and was playing with about 8 friends of his. I have heard tales of his craps play before, but to actually see it is something else. There had to be between $50,000 and $100,000 in play on each role of the dice. I watched him hit a few numbers and then 7 out. Quite frankly I couldn't stand to watch it, but couldn't stop either. In a weird way it reminded me of that Australian crocodile/snake guy Steve, who would torment poisonous snakes and other large reptiles. Whenever I happened to catch his show on TV, I hated to watch it but couldn't change the channel. I know he sadly died in a freak accident when a Ray punctured his heart, however when you keep putting yourself in harm's way, sooner or later the percentages usually catch up with you. Hey, I gave up aerobatic flying and motorcycles, it made my mother happy, but I do miss them.

The Oracle

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