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Einstein Charity, SCUBA in Cozumel

by Roy Winston |  Published: Apr 12, '11


A few nights ago my brother’s company in association with Omega watches held a charity poker tournament for Einstein Medical Center in New York. Omega puts on a great event, with every penny collected going to the charity, unlike so many others that have “expenses” that get paid first and what’s left over going to the charity. Anyway, one of the things that made this somewhat unusual is that several poker pro’s showed up to support the cause. Among them Victor Ramdin, Jonathan Little and Oliver Busquet. Interestingly enough when it got down to heads up play, it was Busquet vs. Ramdin and Busquet prevailed. The final hand came down to a blind all-in. First prize was the Omega James Bond watch and the runner up received a limited edition chip set, used in the Bond movie Casino Royale.

I have just finished a few days of SCUBA in Cozumel and have to say it was truly great. The ocean was warm and inviting, the sea life exquisite, the dive operation, Scuba Du, which always made me think of Scooby doo whom I always liked, was professionally run and delivered a high level of customer service. Even getting there, with a direct flight from NY and the hotels only ten minutes from the airport.

My only complaint is that the gym was terrible. I have become a little OCD with my working out and have had trouble this week. I have been able to do the standard body weight exercises like push ups and sit ups, but that’s about it. While on vacation my eating gets a little out of control as well, so the combination of the two is rough. This next week I will have to double my efforts. Better eating and harder work-outs.

It looks like I might not have any live tournament play slated until the WSOP. With the FTOP’s now on Full Tilt, I will have plenty to keep me busy. Although you never know if I find something appealing between now and then, I might not be able to resist.

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