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Customer Service for Poker Players Too!

by Roy Winston |  Published: Mar 12, '08


I went to the Bellagio poker room only to find it pretty dead, so I headed over to the Wynn to look for a decent cash game. I wound up in a 10-20 No limit Holdem game with several of the players sitting very deep, over 50k. I think it was more for show and two of the deep players were total nits. I am most likely going to play the main event at the Wynn and maybe one of the preliminary events.

Last night at the Wynn I played PLO for a while, the game was pretty good until the live players busted out. I really like the Wynn's room as far as layout, tables, chairs, and cleanliness; however I did have a problem with some of their policies. When I was finished with my session and ready to leave I had just paid my small blind and it was time to pay time for the half hour. I said I was leaving when the blinds came around and was informed it was their policy not to let you play to your blind. I had played for eight hours and thought this was not good customer service. The next day I was playing a 10-20 No Limit Holdem game, waiting for the PLO to start and we were 3-5 handed, and asked for half collection, and they said no, and the game broke. One of the players remarked it's not like playing in California where as a poker player you get customer service.

The mainstream Vegas casinos don't seem to truly value poker players and show this time and again. It's kind of sad that the casinos don't realize we stay in their hotel rooms, eat in their restaurants, and blow money in their casino's, so how about a little customer service. Most of the individual workers in the poker room, including those that check you in, dealers and floor people are accommodating and do a great job, I am discussing the policies that come from above. Additionally, I was talking to one of the tournament directors about the turn out so far, and what they predicted about main event numbers. They anticipated more players than last year. I brought up the fact that numbers in main events were down everywhere, they replied, we are different than everywhere else. I asked if they thought TV coverage might help, and they replied that the players last year thought it was better not to have TV coverage. Now come on, I am good friends with last year's winner Zack Hyman, and that's just plain not true. In fac many players passed on the event because there was no TV coverage. I find it interesting that the Wynn, which was built on superior customer service, has abandoned that principle.

The Oracle

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