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WPT Invitational, Matt Savage, Andrea Savage (No Relation)

by Roy Winston |  Published: Mar 01, '08


Tonight was the WPT Invitational at the Commerce Casino which is an event for celebrities and pro poker players, and anyone who advanced registered for the WPT Championship which is coming up at the Bellagio in April. Over 400 started the event which was packed with celebrities, most of whom I recognized but don't know their names. I did however, recognize Tia Carrere, whom I used to have a crush on back when she did Wayne's World, Party On Tia, Thomas Everett Scott, Jeremy Sisto, Canrym Manheim, April Scott, and my nemesis, which will be obvious why by the end of this blog, Andrea Savage.

It was interesting poker, in that the play was completely unpredictable and sometimes scary. In heads up play after the flop and 300 in the pot someone would lead with a 4000 bet. Anyway, my starting table was fun with Kristy Gazes, Chad Brown, and Joe Sebok filling the first empty seat. Joe immediately started talking smack and I offered the table a $100 bounty on his head. No one was able to accomplish busting Joe before our table broke. I have to say that Kristy, Chad and Joe are three of my favorite poker players and I really enjoy being at the table with them.

My next table had Jennifer Tilly, Matthew Lillard (played Shaggy in the Scooby Dooby Doo movie) Andrea Savage, who is playing opposite Woody Harleson in a new poker movie "The Grand," and a fellow physician from Irvine. I got very few hands all night, but was able to pick up a pot here and there by sheer determination. Having started with 10k in chips, I had worked it up to 14k with the blinds at 300/600, and the ante's 75. Oh before I forget, I have to abuse Jennifer Tilly a little bit. She played hyper aggressive, which could best be described as Tuan Le on steroids, and in one situation with 5k in the pot, a reasonably tight player, who was the pre flop re-raiser moved in for 5,250 on the turn after the flop of K Q 7, and a 4 on the turn. Jennifer after a 3 second deliberation, called with A J. The other player turned over K 8, and shazam, an Ace came on the river. I said nice call and she replied "I know I was beat, but I was getting the right odds." Last time I checked seven outs with one to come, and two to one on your money is let's just say interesting. I guess it was a feel kind of thing. She did look at me and say "I guess you're going to give me a spanking now, and now you see why I failed math." I do really like her, and she does have one more WSOP bracelet than me, and she is still in with good chips and I am in the room writing this, so who am I to say anything. The table was really fun, and the banter, nonstop.

Finally, I pick up two Kings in mid position, and min raise. Usually this wouldn't be my first choice, but I wanted action, and the players were not pro's. The button calls and the BB, Andrea Savage, who is starring in a poker movie, makes it 4,000 to go. So I raise all in, the button folds, and Andrea insta-calls me, and shows QQ. When she sees my KK, she starts calling for a queen. Well, Andrea didn't get a queen; she got 2 queens, for quads. Andrea, if you are reading this, I want a rematch! The event was really a tremendous amount of fun, and at least I lost to an actor who plays a poker player, oh wait a minute, she said she didn't actually play a poker player, but did play poker. I wonder if she will invite me to the opening of her movie "The Grand."

I am going to take the next week off and spend time with some friends playing golf and relaxing. Then it's off to Bay 101 for what everyone tells me is one of the best events on the circuit. Matt Savage, who runs the event, is well known for his professionalism and experience running tournaments. I caught up with Matt before tonight's event, who is really a great guy who has done a lot for poker, he told me I'm the first alternate to be one of the Shooting Star players. What's a guy got to do to make the "A" list around here.

Is it just me, or am I having a tough time with those of the last name of "Savage." Perhaps they should be renamed "Savage Matt" and "Savage Andrea." Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I tend not to believe in coincidences, what if they actually are related and it really is a conspiracy. Just remember, you are not paranoid if everyone really is out to get you. Andrea and Matt, if you are reading this I will be keeping an eye on you two. I'm beginning to feel like Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy Theory."

The Oracle

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